Social Media

Budget constraints need to be well thought about as a part of the strategy itself, for it can help plan and execute the business activities within the budget. So, keeping in view of the budget from the beginning itself can prove effective all along the project life cycle to deliver quality results. The role of the scope plays a key role to define the budget.  

Not every business has an opportunity to put up huge costs towards building a business. Small businesses generally aspire to achieve their plans and build success by seeking out cost-effective means.

So, while it comes to thinking about some of the cost-effective means to promote online businesses, what immediately comes to thought is the social media platform and email marketing. Let us explore the below topics for online business promotion.

Firstly, let us know about Social Media and the way it can influence business promotion.

Social Media  

We are well aware of the popular social media platforms. They include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

LinkedIn: Of course, LinkedIn is the most professional means to know the business ideology and its services. Primarily, the platform best serves job seekers to know about any business.

All the social media platforms have gained fame for their user-friendly interface and the way the platforms connects people having common interests. Holding such features, the platforms have gained fame, and their usage has drastically improved over the years.

Social media platforms enable to send short and compelling messages. Also, some of the exciting videos, images and GIF posters can be inserted with ease and carried across globally.

The significant advantage of Social Media is that user’s reach is easily attained in a very short span.

Email marketing

We know how important emails are. We do not end up our day without checking our emails. Their usage has stayed evergreen even with the emergence of some modern means of communication.

Generally, people never neglect to use emails for any official communication as they prove trustworthy and carry business brand and reputation.

Effectiveness of email marketing

How can emails turn effective? Here are a few tips and suggestions enabling the click-through rates of the emails.

  • Emails without a subject line do not prove professionalism. So, the key to enable click-through rates is to generate a compelling subject line, which tends any user to go into the details.
  • Content is what matters to bring out an interesting email. Significantly, the email draft has to be attractive, informative and readable. For instance, you wish to send an email about the webinar participation. How is that you send to the audience that can invoke them to be part of it? Of course, the webinar information has to be clear and complete. It should include all the essential details appropriately formatted, and the graphics, images and font used should definitely matter. So, it is important not to neglect them.

Online businesses cost-efficiency through ONPASSIVE’s products

Social media: Which business would not like to create a brand in the business. Every business does, right? To make it true, ONPASSIVE’s has come up with an AI product, O-Dit for effective social media posting. Create some of the best images and videos of your business and promote them across social media platforms. What you need to do is to make a simple click to come out with some creative images reflecting your business brand.

Email marketing: Every business seeking to execute effective Email marketing have a solution with O-Post, an effective tool of ONPASSIVE. Accuracy in email delivery, simple UI, analytics to determine the performance, bulk email sending, ensuring email security are some of the significant features of the tool.


Any business plans to accommodate the infrastructure and promote business activities choosing cost-effective means. Why wait! Avail yourself of ONPASSIVE’s tools for your online business promotion economically.