Online presence has become very crucial for businesses in the present competitive business scenario. Holding the attention of website visitors can be a complex process for businesses. Video content is undoubtedly dominating the marketing scene today and will continue to rule the marketing industry for a while.
Videos are now one of the most preferred forms of content by marketers as they are beneficial to capture audience interest and boost engagement. However, marketers need to captivate branded video content to bring in the engagement factor in the audience. 
Efficient Ways to Boost Video Content Engagement 
Video content engagement includes various metrics such as likes, shares, comments and watches time, and all these elements together contribute to the overall engagement numbers. They help businesses identify if the information in the video is conveyed to the audience. 
The following are few efficient ways that help businesses to boost their video content engagement:
Ø Frame Mobile Friendly Videos 
The primary reason to create videos is to increase online engagement. Marketers need to keep in mind that most of the videos are watched on mobile screens, and hence they need to frame and shoot a video so that it is mobile friendly. Therefore, it is imperative to avoid wide-angle shots and shoot the video to be easily viewable on a smaller screen. 
Therefore, framing videos for mobile is a great way to boost video content engagement. 
Ø Use Text in Your Videos 
Sometimes videos are watched without sound. Marketers need to be aware of it and use eye-catchy visuals and clear text to communicate their message through video and explain the gist of your video content. This helps viewers to quickly understand the message even if the audio is turned off. 
Therefore, brand video content needs to be designed in such a way that it can incorporate text and subtitles that support the visuals.
Ø Keep the videos short 
Viewers tend to skip watching lengthy videos that are beyond two minutes. Therefore v=it is better for businesses to create a short and simple video as a part of their marketing campaign to capture viewers attention. 
Although mobile users tend to stay a little longer for videos, marketers must create short and crisp videos that are easily viewed and shared and help increase user engagement.
Ø Highlight Your Brand 
The video content needs to be created in such a way that it is beneficial for your audience. Videos are a great way to build brand authenticity and build credibility for your business. Highlighting what makes your brand or story unique is a great way to boost video content engagement. 
When you want to reach a wider audience group, explainer videos can be leveraged to explain your products or services, which helps showcase your brand’s personality.
Ø Re-purpose video content for all platforms 
The audience tends to view videos from different platforms. While few tend to watch brand videos on mobile, others watch them on tablets or desktops. Therefore, marketers need to make sure they repurpose their brand’s video content for all social media platforms and ensure they fit all screen sizes.
It is imperative to create multiple versions of the video for each platform, enabling viewers to watch the video without switching to full-screen mode.
Ø Include A Call-to-action within the Video
Another essential way to boost your video content engagement is to include a clickable call-to-action in your video, which helps the audience to visit your online store or website after viewing your video. Marketers can use this method to direct viewers to another video or content that is included somewhere else.
Therefore, marketers need to incorporate CTA within the video content description or in the video itself to ensure that audience can take action.
Leveraging Video content in marketing campaigns helps increase brand awareness and helps to evoke interest and a sense of curiosity in people about your products or services. Marketers can easily increase their video content engagement by following the ways mentioned above.
With the continuous advancements in technology and digital trends, the popularity of video content marketing is growing tremendously, and most businesses are taking advantage of the benefits of video marketing. Therefore, businesses need to focus on boosting engagement with video marketing by using powerful and appealing videos to convey brand messages and increase website traffic by strengthening relationships with potential customers.