Social media

Customers trust lies as a foundation for any business. Quality products and timely delivery of services contribute to it. In today’s digitalized world, many online sources provide customer service. 

Significantly, social media and emails are the primary sources of the contribution. Including a signup page initiates the users to submit details leading to some quality customer profiles.

Post gathering the user data, what lies important is to post appropriate and useful information to all the email subscribers. They can take the form of newsletters reflecting business objectives, goals, events, challenges, proposals and non-profit causes. 

The newsletters can turn more beautiful and exciting with captivating fonts and images, suitable formatting and UI. Of course, the content must be informative and useful. Likewise, periodic promotion of interesting topics specific to a business domain and the trend gain user applause.

Studying the current market, the competitors’ edge helps to know how the existing things are working. Consequently, some of the drawbacks come into the picture. At the same time, success encourages coming up with more innovation to give complete user satisfaction. 

Let us know how customer service can be rendered through Social Media and Email subscriptions.

Social Media

Social Media platform enables users to connect with family and friends through simple and fascinating UI. Thus, it turned to be the most sought after platform. Let us dig deep to know how businesses can gain customers trust through social media. 

Communicate business aspirations: Social media users are more likely to stay connected with your posts through the information that could influence our lives. For instance, an influential talk, a short video depicting a business motto, a practical demonstration of any service or a product can serve as some factors for social media users. 

Connect with people: Businesses should not just promote their services but even perform activities having a human touch. A motivational, interesting story or a fun game conducted periodically can significantly influence. Doing so regularly enables users to tune in with the postings.

Respond on time: As the posts keep generating, it is likely that the users tend to comment or send queries. This show that the users are interested in your services. So, it is vital to acknowledge their comments and respond to the queries promptly. Implement individual responses so that the users build trust with the business.

Share ideas: Various kinds of comments turn up on a social media platform. Some might have felt disappointed with the services and posted dissatisfying responses. Instead of trying to remove the message, a genuine effort to specify the reason for the failure causes to build trust. 


Email serves as an effective means of gaining customer relationships. Personalization and customized services will gain customer satisfaction. Emails serve as the best means to connect with the users, not just through text. They can even turn more effective with some business talk or influential audio or video files as attachments. 


Newsletters should promote information as well as fun. Generating them periodically can tune the users to look and wait for them. In the long run, users would come to a viewpoint about the business, which could lead to a long-lasting relationship with the business.

Similarly, white papers. Users tend to post specific complex queries on the Google search page expecting to find the answers. If your business can regularly take up some complex topics and discuss them in simple language, demonstrating practical examples would solve the complexities. If the user thinks that the complexity has turned simple, it could be the first step for gaining trust. 

How about a social networking platform including all the compelling features. Sounds good! ONPASSIVE’s ONET acts as an effective social media platform for your businesses to carry your organization’s message globally through text, audio and video. Posting emails can be impressive with O-Post, the best email marketing tool. 


Customer’s relationship is the more incredible wealth for organizations. Email subscribers and social media users can gain excellent customer service, for the sources offering such services are in extensive usage.

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