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In this article, we will be looking into different ways how you can save your company’s website traffic, especially with the coronavirus pandemic. This has helped many different types of businesses such as movie theatres and restaurants out of business. There are two online data providers, which reveals that our behaviours have shifted as there have been various online data providers which have helped to keep people updated about the spread of the virus.

So without further ado, let us look into how you can save your company’s website traffic during this pandemic, in various ways:

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Looking to connect and entertain ourselves, while looking away from our phones:

With nearly all public gatherings called off, people are simply seeking out entertainment on streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube and are also looking to connect with one another on social media outlets like Facebook. In the past few years, there have been many users of these services who have made the shift by moving to their smartphones, has helped to create an industrywide focus on mobile. Now that we are also spending all of our days at home, with all of our computers close at hand. More people are appearing to be remembering how unpleasant it can also be to squint at those little phone screens.

Facebook, Netflix and YouTube have all seen how the user numbers on their phone apps will stagnate or fall off as their websites have grown, the data from SimilarWeb and Apptopia indicates. SimilarWeb and Apptopia have both drawn their traffic numbers from various several independent sources in creating data that can also be compared across the internet.

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With the rise of social distancing, we are seeking out new ways to connect especially with video chat:

There have been traditional social media sites that have constantly been growing, it also seems that we want to do even more than just simply connecting through messaging and text. This has helped to give a big boost to apps which are used in lingering with relative obscurities, which includes video chatting application, Duo, and that allows groups of friends to join a single video chat and play games together.

We have also grown much more interested in our immediate environment, and how it is changing and responding to the virus and the quarantine measures. This has helped to lead to an increase in Nextdoor, which is also the social media site that focused on connecting local neighbourhoods.

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We have become more reliant on services which allow us to work, also learn easily:

The offices and schools of America have all moved into our basements and living rooms. Nothing is having a more profound impact on online activity than this change. The rush to these services, however, has also brought even more new scrutiny on privacy practices.

In conclusion:

In conclusion, this is how you can save your company’s website traffic which helps you to work and also learn easily. We hope you found this article informative, in understanding just how to save your company, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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