How To Save Your Virtual Events From Becoming Lame?

Today, virtual events are in great demand more than ever. And we are not sure how long they would stay here. Options like virtual video meetings, webinars, team meetings, or online conferences; online events are a reality today. While virtual events might not be as effective as in-person events, we need to gear up for making most of these options for now. Following are some ways that help you make your events upright:

Opt for the right platform

This is the first step in making your virtual events upright. Opt for the platform based on the kind of event you are hosting. In addition, it should meet your need. For instance, note the number of participants permitted for the event, screen sharing, event recording and price.   

Once you choose the right platform, make your event as effective as you can. For example, you can make branded event pages or create a custom virtual background.

Keep events shorter and crispier

One of the main reasons why TED Talks are so popular is their optimum streaming length. However, lengthy events can get overwhelming. Keep your events shorter to make them effective and engage viewers better.

Facilitate a human experience through a virtual event

A successful event offers a human experience in a virtual world. Such an experience allow attendees to connect on a deeper level. In addition, it provides a platform that enables better conversations. Thus, focus on hosting a virtual event centred around human experiences and making it more meaningful.  

Make use of interactivity and accessibility tools

Make use of interactive features such as Q&A, polls, annotating, and whiteboarding etc. Also, consider using tools for remote visual collaboration. These features will help you make your events more interactive; thereby, you can engage your participants and gather real-time feedback from them.

Besides that, accessibility tools like adding captions will fetch the viewer’s attention. This way, you can make your events more engaging and attentive.

Use a multi-dynamic image technique

A technique like a multi-dynamic image can be used for making short conversations more interesting. It involves using chat, slide, and round-table conversation that makes your event more just a presentation.  

Add the element of surprise and excitement

Virtual events can be fun too. For example, you can consider inviting a guest speaker once in a while to motivate your team.

Besides that, for more significant events like a fundraiser, see if you can book a celebrity. Or arrange a musical event to lighten the mood.

Go ahead with simulate live

To have the whole event live can be the biggest mistake virtual event organizers usually could make.

In fact, “The great virtual event hack of 2020 is pre-recording”, Says Michael Hoffman, the CEO at Gather Voices.

While there factors like authenticity can be compromised with pre-recorded events, there are several other benefits. For example, you can edit, fix errors, add subtitles, graphics and make more your events look more refined with pre-recorded contents.

Besides that, you can try your hands on simulated live content, which is a type of pre-recorded content, same as live.

While it’s not wise to pre-record all your events, you can explore a hybrid approach like SNL. It includes having live sessions with pre-recorded content spread throughout. So, for instance, you could add a welcome piece made in advance in a live event.

Be well-prepared

Finally, it is crucial to take better care of few things such as:

  • Ensuring that your equipment works well before the event starts.
  • Setting up your environment by removing all distractions.
  • Dressing appropriately based on the type of event.
  • Being punctual.
  • Making the right adjustments of your lighting, camera, audio to make sure that others can see and hear you without any disturbance.

While dealing with remote work culture, hosting virtual events have become inevitable. However, you need to take precautions or follow specific guidelines for saving your events from becoming lame. This blog has discussed some of the ways to host your events the right way.

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