Best Enterprise Email Marketing Solution

No business can imagine its marketing practices without proper email marketing software in place. However, the requirements of small to mid-sized businesses are different from those of a large enterprise. It is different in terms of email volume, functionality, features, integration requirements, and pricing. 

This article will be helpful for readers to select the best enterprise email marketing solution. But before that, let’s understand what is an enterprise and what it needs?  

What is an enterprise? 

An enterprise is a large organization consist of hundred to thousands of people working for it. As defined by OECD, an enterprise is one that has more than 250 employees. 

Thus, an enterprise is a large outlet with many employees, leads, customers, and subscribers. The large size also implies a large amount of data, and that’s where selecting an enterprise email marketing solution comes into the picture. 

Now let’s know the key requirements of enterprise email marketing:  

Requirements of Enterprise email marketing 

Some email capabilities, such as data protection, design, and deliverability, etc., are standard and applicable to any business regardless of its size and turnover. However, there are other factors that are exclusive to enterprises. They are- 

  • Enterprise email marketing needs to be such that it can manage large amounts of data. It should provide the facility to store and segment a vast list of contacts of key stakeholders including- leads, customers, and subscribers. 
  • It should facilitate multi-functionality in terms of high volume emailing to serve a large number of people. 
  • It should avail a variety of custom packages including various customization options such as limits on email sending, number of contacts, integration features etc. and thereby ensure flexibility to enterprise emailing. 

Features of the best enterprise email solution 

1. It’s pretty overwhelming to an enterprise to manually send multiple emails daily. An enterprise email solution should offer email automation that assists enterprises in reducing their workload. It should enable the task of sending automated emails in response to contact behaviour. 

2. It is vital for an enterprise to stay relevant and adopt personalization mode in its email marketing. Why? It has been seen that personalized emails generate great traction in terms of improved customer engagement. Enterprise ESP should hold the capability of contact segmentation based on various attributes, tendencies, and demographic data. 

Advanced segmentation enables segmenting at a granular level. It provides automated features like lead scoring and dynamic segmentation, thereby update customer profiles and maintain contact lists automatically. 

3. The best enterprise email solution is one that provides integration in terms of the connection between your website and other enterprise software. 

4. You must opt for an enterprise ESP that offers granular reports in real-time. It will be helpful with transactional emails where timely delivery is critical. 

5. If you are looking for an email designer for additional email templates and design options, you need to deploy email editors such as drag-and-drop builders. You can create an impression with your outstanding designs with the help of these customized email templates. 

6. A better enterprise email solution takes care of potential security threats. It offers an SSO feature that eliminates the occurrences where employees handle multiple passwords by minimizing multiple logins to one set of credentials. Thereby, ensures enterprise security. 

7. It should provide sub-account management features to accustom a large number of users. 

8. It should generate dynamic content, a kind of content that automatically forms messages based on if/then/else logic. 

Some key insights

Do you need to have all mentioned features in a single enterprise email solution? Not necessary. Rather you must look for a solution that fulfills your critical needs. You surely don’t need a solution that presents excessive functionalities and cost heavily on your pocket. Its practical for your enterprise to opt for an easy to operate and scalable enterprise email service. 

Concluding Thoughts

Selecting the right email marketing solution is critical for many reasons. It should help an enterprise in fulfilling all its emailing requirements. However, selecting the right email marketing software can be overwhelming at times. This article has enlisted key features of ideal email software. A reader should make a purchase decision based on their critical requirements by disregarding unnecessary functionalities. As your enterprise can take a lead with the right kind of email marketing solution at your resort.