AI Courses

When you start to learn any new concept or about any other thing, it is vital to know the WH-questions. Which are – What, When, Where, Which, Why and How. The same goes for artificial intelligence. In the last few blogs – AI Beginners Guide, we saw a brief history, features and benefits of artificial intelligence. Today we’re going to learn how to get started with artificial intelligence. 

Whether you’re new or a curiosity cat in building your skillset, get started by exploring all the resources available online. Also, in this blog, we’ll guide you to understand how to get started with learning AI for better implementation. 

How to Get Started with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a general study of building intelligent machines. Machine Learning (ML), is a subset of AI, is focused more on the ability of computers to adapt data and extensively learn from the data provided without any set of programmed rules. Here are a few of the AI courses that cover everything from a basic introduction to machine learning and artificial intelligence to getting started with the courses available online. 

Google – Machine Learning

Google machine learning is slightly more in-depth course. The course aimed at providing learners with complete novices and some previous experiences of machine learning. It will help you to get familiar with supervised learning methods. It teaches in-depth knowledge and the design of self-learning systems that can learn from massive complex datasets. The course also aimed at helping those who are looking to implement ML, neural network technology to work as data analysts and data engineers.

Stanford University – Machine Learning

AI course providing colleges aimed at helping learners to understand AI to increase career prospects. The course covers all about the real-world artificial intelligence and machine learning implementations from speech recognition and improving web search. It gets into technical depth with methods that include neural networks. One of the best ways to learn artificial intelligence is to determine the technical aspects at first. It also teaches various programming languages that can be used to build AI tools.

Fundamentals of Deep Learning for Computer Vision

Another subset of AI is deep learning. Computer vision is the AI field of study of building computers that can see by processing visual information just like our brain do. With the technical fundamentals, it teaches how to identify situations or problems that arise in a machine and how to take advantage of the application of device capable of recognizing an object and classifying an image. This course will be more focussed on teaching graphics and pictures and how to develop computer vision applications.  These AI courses will help you with a basic introduction of Artificial intelligence and machine learning, with the help of this, you can start learning quicker and more comfortable. Build your knowledge of artificial intelligence with the help of these courses and slowly start implementing AI in your business.