How To Turn Saas Customers Into Brand Advocates

Customer advocacy is one of the excellent ways to grow businesses. Proper planning and thorough execution of user-engagement strategies are essential to enhance customers journey with your business and drive them to make more purchases from your brand.

In today’s ultra-connected world, there is massive competition among businesses. New companies are launched with the latest ideas and solutions each day to better their lives and address their problems. 

What is Brand Advocate

A brand advocate is a person or a customer who is highly satisfied with your brand and voluntarily spread positive awareness about your brand and products. Sometimes this word of mouth publicity will make a significant impact on customers purchase decisions.

Brand advocates are beneficial in reducing marketing costs while increasing brand awareness beyond the primary target audience of your business. This is the reason why more and more B2B and B2C companies are now focusing on developing brand advocacy by conducting more programs while encouraging customers to share their positive experiences publicly.

Why Is Brand Advocacy Important for SaaS Companies?

Every customer interaction is ideally tracked in the SaaS companies, and the scope for providing personalized experience is even more compared to other companies. These customers are now heavily investing in powerful technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning to win more SaaS customers. 

A sound content marketing strategy is one of the best ways for SaaS companies to drive traffic and increase brand awareness. An effective content strategy can be helpful to constantly nurture potential SaaS customers apart from driving more website traffic.

Tips to Convert Loyal Customers into Brand Advocates

The following are a few effective tips for converting your loyal SaaS customers into brand advocates:

Ø Follow An Omnichannel Approach 

One of the best ways to gain brand advocates for SaaS companies is to provide an omnichannel shopping approach. This enables brands to integrate multiple retail channels from stores and websites to mobile applications.

Businesses can have a customer-focused shopping approach with more channels to communicate while managing essential customer data, targeting and re-target customers, and automating business processes.

Ø Provide Customers With Loyalty Programs 

Conducting loyalty programs can make customers feel recognized while allowing brands to offer them extra incentives and encourage them to return to your brand. This helps to increase customer loyalty for your brand eventually. 

Loyalty programs should be designed carefully and must have all the elements in the right balance to make customers stay interested in your brand. Offering rewards and discounts and encouraging social interaction are few great user-engagement strategies to increase customer loyalty.

Ø Offer Personalized Services 

Another way to convert your SaaS customers into brand advocates is to personalize your services. Customers feel valued and unique when they are offered personalized services. This also enables them to be more inclined towards your business besides turning them into brand advocates.

However, few strategies such as sending personalized emails, using push notifications and providing them with more choices need to be followed to increase engagement.

Ø Streamline Your Brand’s Customer Service 

Brand advocacy mainly depends on customer service. Customers opinions and impressions of your brand strongly depend on their experience in dealing with your brand.

The better the customer service, the more clients and customers, are inclined towards your brand, leading to increased brand loyalty. Improved customer service inspires them to make more purchases from your brand. A happy customer is more likely to be turned into a brand advocate.

Ø Employ User-engagement Strategies 

The foundation of marketing is user engagement. Getting the attention of customers is very crucial for brands. However, using engaging content that resonates with customers is a great way to increase engagement.

Using trendy hashtags, creating compelling content, and conducting customer events are a few great ways to increase user engagement and establish a strong connection with users. 

Ø Create a Customer-centric Culture 

To be successful in your brand advocacy program, creating a customer-centric culture is a great way to increase customer satisfaction. From marketing to sales and customer service, all the strategies need to be carefully designed to align with organizational goals to make customers happy.

Staying in touch with customers, providing regular updates and following up are essential strategies to increase customer satisfaction. However, it is imperative to avoid over-promising in your sales pitch.


Brand advocates play a crucial role in increasing sales for your business. However, few tactics and strategies are required to keep your SaaS customers engaged. Therefore, companies should carefully plan and implement sound strategies to increase customer engagement, which helps them convert their loyal customers into brand advocates.

Brand advocates help to increase your customer base and multiplies it by regular referrals and through advocacy.