How to Use Chatbot for Non-Profit Organization

A chatbot is computer software that simulates and processes interaction and communication between people. The chatbots are primarily aimed at helping enterprises reach their audience. However, in recent years, chatbots have grown increasingly popular and more and more companies are using them to help their customers and enhance customer care.

As per Blue Meta, Vancouver’s digital marketing agency, 80% of all companies want their chatbots in 2020, and more than 60% of young people regularly use them. 

Thus, let’s check out few ways in which chatbot benefits non-profits organizations.

Using Chatbot for Non-Profit Organization 

● Answering Frequently Asked Questions

Many charities utilize chatbots to respond to frequently asked questions in a straightforward and timely manner. Manually responding to the same queries from contributors over and time again is a waste of resources. In this scenario, a chatbot comes in handy. It can give links and information that can assist in resolving up to 80% of user issues. Furthermore, it will help visitors to the organization’s website feel at ease by immediately responding to their inquiries. A chatbot for a non-profit organization may always direct a user to an agent if they have a query that requires a human response.

● Providing Background Information on the Organization

Non-profits may use utilize chatbots to convey stories. They can, for example, give emotive and visual ways to explain the organization’s history and assist people to comprehend its mission, goals, and the genuine issues it faces and solves. Thus, the first rung on the engagement ladder uses a chatbot to convey the non-profit’s history.

● Collecting Data

For data collection, a chatbot is an excellent and efficient tool. It is a far more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective technique of survey data collection. Several charitable groups in Haiti and Nigeria, for instance, utilize chatbots on their websites to inquire about food security and food pricing in their respective localities. The best part is that it does not require high-speed internet. Thus it is accessible to and used by anybody.

● Announcements

A chatbot for a non-profit organization can also be used to alert community members and contributors about upcoming events. A non-profit, for example, might provide a sign-up choice on their website for people to get action alerts and updates. To keep community members and contributors informed, it’s vital not to spam users and send only a few messages each week.

● Fundraising and Other Charitable Endeavours

Attracting new donors is a vital and significant goal of any non-profit organization. A chatbot may make the fundraising process simpler and more pleasant for both the organization and the donors. The capacity of chatbots to build an engaging dialogue with users is the crucial reason they may be helpful in fundraising. By sharing tales and instructional resources, referring to a contribution page, informing donors about a need for donations, and other methods, a chatbot can help locate new contributors and funding.

● Donor Care and Service

An organization can utilize a chatbot on its website to build a detailed FAQ for people who regularly donate to demonstrate to registered donors how important they are. It’s a fantastic way to express gratitude while also encouraging them to continue connecting with the organization.


A non-profit organization is already a company that makes a difference in the world. Using the potential of chatbots to spread the organization’s influence even further can assist. Automation is transforming the way businesses, including NGOs, function and engage with their audiences. Chatbot benefits organizations to better its job, strengthen their relationships with volunteers and contributors, and improve their overall image.

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