How to Write Appealing Email Subject Line for Networking Emails

Networking is the crucial component of the business landscape irrespective of the industry. Networking is the process of interacting with fellow professionals to exchange information and develop social contacts. Moreover, professionals need to move forward in their respective paths.

The pandemic situation has drastically reshaped networking as social distancing and lockdown has made it impossible for people to meet their co-workers and share their ideas, which is an integral part of networking and link building.

As a result, digital networking has become crucial for professionals to communicate with each other through various online communication channels. Most professionals are now relying on networking emails to establish new connections and nurture existing ones.

However, professionals need to ensure that the network email subject line is compelling and appealing to get more clicks.

What is Network Email Subject Line?

The first thing viewed by a prospect when they receive a networking email is the email subject line. As all the emails are sent to the recipient’s email inbox, they view the email subject line before opening any emails. 

Therefore, the subject line needs to be catchy, informative and attract the recipient’s attention while enticing them to open the email. If the email subject line is appealing, there is a chance that the recipient may overlook the email and is most likely not to open it.

Importance of Subject line for Networking Emails 

Professionals need to understand the importance of the subject line for emails as it is the main thing that grabs the recipients’ attention and draws them to open and read the entire email. 

The more appealing the subject line, the higher the chances of recipients opening them and reading them. 

Few reasons that show the importance of subject line include:

  • A good subject line ensures the email is not sent to spam 
  • It informs the recipient what to expect from the email
  • It conveys information on what the email is about 
  • Provides recipients with senders information

Steps to Write Appealing Email Subject Line for Networking Emails 

The following are a few essential steps and practices to be followed before crafting a networking email subject line:

Ø Keep the Email Subject line Brief 

The subject line should not be too long because there is a possibility of getting cut off, and the email recipient won’t be able to read the whole subject line if it is lengthy. The problem is more prevalent if the recipient uses a smartphone as the phones usually show less email subject line space than computers. 

Therefore, the subject line needs to crafted briefly with up to 40 characters or even less to ensure that reader views the whole subject line.

Ø Make it Personal 

Personalizing your email subject line is vital to let the recipient understand that the email is not spam and is coming from a familiar and professional person. Email subject line can be personalized by including job title, recipient’s name, mutual interests, exciting topics or events that you both attended together. 

Ø Ensure your Email Subject Line is Catchy 

When the email subject line too generous, they are more likely to be overlooked. Therefore, it is imperative to use a catchy subject line rather than a simple one to capture the attention of the recipient or reader. 

This is essential, especially when you are trying to establish a new connection. Therefore the catchier the email subject line, the more likely are the chances of getting clicks. 

Ø Avoid using Spam-like Language. 

Sales-like language pr aggressive language has high chances of discouraging the reader from opening and reading your emails. Unfortunately, this also results in your email ending up in the spam folder of recipients. Therefore, while crafting a networking email, always avoid using all capital letters, wrong spelling or multiple exclamation marks to avoid looking spammy.

Ø Keep your Email Subject Line Clear and To the Point 

Along with creativity and catchiness, clarity is equally important while crafting an email subject line. A concise and clear subject line is crucial to let the recipient understand what the email pertains to. An unclear subject line can be difficult for the readers to condense the purpose of the email in short words.

Although networking emails are not the most exciting kind of emails, they are professionally instrumental in developing new connections. Therefore, crafting an eye-catchy and appealing email subject line is vital to enhance your digital networking skills. Furthermore, using an automated system allows sending personalized emails to several people without looking spammy.


The goal of any networking email is to keep the conversation going and establish new connections. Therefore, professionals need to keep the email subject line of their networking emails highly relevant to increase the recipient’s likelihood of opening the email.

A networking email subject line should be catchy, including personalization and speaking directly to your reader to inspire action to build up the communication and establish new connection instead of ending up in the trash folder.