IP address tracking

The digital era makes it easier for businesses to utilize data in order to target their audience and pitch their products successfully. One of the best ways to increase sales conversions is to thoroughly understand customer behavior. Gathering user data can help the marketing department to understand their ideal customers in a better way. This will, in turn, help the sales team to improve outreach and streamline communication with their potential customers.

This user data is gathered from several sources, including content downloads, video views, website visits, and other online behavior. Once a brand can identify the prospects, targeting them with the right message in order to suit their specific needs will be an effective solution to boost their business. 

What is Intent Data?

The information that is gathered regarding a user’s online behavior, primarily through content interaction, is called intent data. Businesses may identify patterns and learn more about their prospects’ interests by keeping track of these behaviors.

Most significantly, this information can offer hints that aid sales representatives in understanding the possibility of a consumer making a purchase. This improves the likelihood of conversions inside the pipeline, drives marketing initiatives, and helps sales strategies be more effective.

User interactions with your content are how behavioral data is collected. Your team will be able to observe which parts of your website appeal most to visitors. Salespeople can use this information to understand a client’s position in purchasing better.

A geographical breakdown of intent by geolocation shows where the intent originated for the identified accounts. With this additional level of granularity, your sales and marketing teams can focus more effectively on regional accounts.

IP Tracking Improves Intent Data

Tracking visitor intent is a fantastic beginning step, but IP addresses allow you to identify actual organizations from anonymous visitors. Electronic equipment is given a unique, 128-bit IP (Internet Protocol) address when it connects to the Internet and other networks. Your iPad, PC, Apple TV, and phone all have IP addresses. 

In most circumstances, internet service providers give IP addresses. Google Analytics, your web server, and tools like OTRACKER may track IP addresses. Remember that they are only identifiers for internet-accessing devices and are not designed to be kept a secret. 

When it comes to the B2B market, you are not tracking individuals with IP addresses but the companies. The intent data will not give you the information that John Doe at 2683 Bakers Street visited your website; instead, it will provide you with the information that someone from Infosys near Boston visited your site. 

OTRACKER will help you use IP tracking to identify the businesses that visit your website, which will help you improve your intent data. 

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Use IP To Enhance Intent Data

IP addresses are a great place to start if you want to enhance your intent data. Take a look at the step-by-step guide on how to use them:

1. Identify The IP Addresses Of Your Target Audience: There are a few ways to do this, such as using tools like OTRACKER and Google Analytics. OTRACKER is ONPASSIVE’s all-new web analytics software with AI-powered IP tracking that quickly provides AI-based insights for your target audience.

2. Research The Companies Associated With Those IP Addresses: Once you have a list of companies, you can start researching their individual needs and interests.

3. Use The Data To Create Targeted Content And Ads: This is where you can get creative and personalize your marketing efforts to appeal to each company’s specific interests.

4. Monitor Your Results And Adjust As Needed: Make sure to monitor your metrics to see how your efforts are paying off and make changes as needed.

These steps should help you get the most out of using IP addresses to enhance your intent data. 

Final Thoughts

Intent data must be combined with IP tracking using a solution like OTRACKER to succeed. As a result, in-depth information on who is visiting your website, where they go, and how long they stay on each page is provided to your business. 

Integrating buyer intent with IP addresses lets you determine who they work for, choose if their firm fits your buyer profile, and even send that new lead to your sales team. You can easily target businesses that have visited your pricing page with the help of intent data. 

OTRACKER is the latest AI-powered IP tracking tool by ONPASSIVE that helps provide demographic information, allowing you to understand your customers better. It offers geolocation technology that helps in marketing strategies for businesses.  Geolocation helps marketing campaigns better according to the target audience. Switch to OTRACKER today to make informed decisions for your marketing strategies.

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