Influencer Marketing- travel influencers

We live in a digital age where technology impacts every aspect of our lives. Of course, business and marketing are not exempt from this rule. As a result, business success is impossible without digital marketing. One of these digital technologies, and perhaps the most sought after, is social media apps. 

Around half of the world’s population has an active account on social media platforms. This has given businesses an unrivalled opportunity to strengthen their brand identity and increase sales.

New and better ways of communicating and delivering your brand online are constantly evolving in the marketing industry. Influencer marketing, for instance, has become a new trend and proven to be a successful model, especially for travel and tourism businesses. It is increasingly being highlighted as one of the most cost-effective methods for acquiring customers and increasing brand awareness.

The Rise Of Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing has changed dramatically as a result of social media influencers. Influencers have steadily grown in power, influencing how consumers perceive brands and consume products. Influencers, who can make or break a brand’s identity, have risen to prominence due to social media’s power. A single social media post by a well-known influencer can increase a brand’s sales exponentially.

Influencer marketing is a natural fit for the travel and tourism industry. Travel brands are increasingly relying on social media influencers to promote their products. Influencers are taken on fam trips all over the world so that they can post pictures of their adventures on social media platforms like Instagram. A single hashtag on a photo can significantly impact a brand’s engagement.

Many industries are therefore taking advantage of these influencers to promote their products. Travel companies, in particular, are increasingly attempting to shake hands with social media influencers to make their services visible as the value of these influencers continues to rise. 

Despite the global pandemic outbreak, which undoubtedly impacted the travel and lifestyle industries, relevant influencers continue to find ways to inspire and communicate with their audiences.

Impact Of Influencer Marketing On Travel Industry

Friends, consumers, and influencers with familiar, engaging social media presences are becoming more popular than travel magazines as new generations seek inspiration from them. As a result of this shift, the category of travel influencer marketing is rapidly growing.

The following are a few ways brands can collaborate with influencers in mutually beneficial ways:

  • Set A Budget Plan

A variety of factors determines the price of working with influencers. Many leisure, travel, and activity companies have an influencer marketing budget. Those who want to give it a shot should set aside some money for it. Of course, the most critical factors are the number of followers and engagement rate. 

Influencers with a larger audience can charge more as their audience grows. Specific rates apply to specific ranges of followers, such as 0-1000, 1000 – 10,000, 10,000 – 50,000, etc. Nonetheless, the price varies depending on the platform. Facebook influencers, on average, charge $25 per 1000 followers, while Instagram influencers charge $10.

The type of Post you agree to is another factor that affects pricing. Who is the source of the featured content and images? Is it an image, a video, or hosting a contest? Is it a good fit for the influencer’s channel? Knowing how much you can spend will make your search easier and help you plan the best strategy for the future.

  •  Plan Your Campaign 

Depending on your budget and objectives, you can launch a variety of influencer marketing campaigns. We’ve done the legwork for you and found the best tour and activity companies.

  • Sponsored Post

This type of collaboration is especially beneficial for companies looking to improve their brand awareness and customer acquisition. You’ll pay influencers to create content about your brand and share it on their Instagram or Facebook feeds.

You’ll need to invite them to try out your activity or services for free in order to accomplish this. This will provide them with the necessary insight to openly discuss and promote your brand. You’ll also have high-quality content to repost and highlight on your feed and stories.

  •  Brand Rep Program 

You can work with the influencer on a one-time or ongoing basis, depending on your budget. You can schedule posts daily, weekly, or monthly, or simply set the number of posts for the campaign’s duration. The second option implies that they will offer you a permanent discount for your services in exchange for featuring you in multiple stories or posts.

This type of collaboration is ideal for companies that want to boost their sales while building a relationship with their online audience.

  •  Review

Reviewing is usually less expensive and easier to arrange with influencers with fewer followers. You allow them to try out your products or services, and then they share their impressions with the rest of the world online. What is the mechanism behind it?

Some would give you a few chances before recommending you to others. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the review will be positive, so proceed with caution when using this option.

  •  Giveaway

A giveaway is a contest in which influencers give away your products to users who meet specific criteria at random. This could include following your account, leaving a comment on a post, using your brand hashtag, and anything else that will help you get closer to your objectives.

You’ll gain access to great user-generated content that can be re-shared online and expand your network of followers.

  • Identify The Appropriate Influencer

Many influencers are out there, but not all of them can help you promote your business, and narrowing down the list and contacting the right people is difficult. You can proceed with a travel influencer you already know or previously worked with. 

There are external platforms where you can search by desired criteria if you don’t have the time. You can also look for people who do collaborations by using a hashtag like #sponsored or #promotion. It’s also a good idea to search by location hashtag.


Influencer marketing is one of the most engaging and straightforward ways to advertise your tours and activities on the internet. It will give people a real taste of the experience and help you genuinely entice them to try what you have to offer.

Furthermore, travel agencies can achieve results that are superior to their expectations. However, You should have some interesting photos, videos, and copy at the end of the collaboration that you can repost and use in other promotional materials.