ONPASSIVE Voice Assistants

Seamless growth in Artificial Intelligence is redefining every component of enterprises operating around the globe. Things have become more comfortable for organizations as complex tasks are simplified and, retrieving and processing massive data volume has become effortless.

As AI technology is evolving, AI-powered voice assistants are gaining a strong hold in the workplace. 

According to a report by Juniper Research, the number of devices that leverage voice assistants will be 8.4 billion by 2024, which will be more than the global population.

Due to its ability in time management and enhancing productivity, businesses are eager to incorporate voice assistants in their workplace. Here we try to look at how a simple voice assistant can increase the productivity in an enterprise workplace.

Ways Voice Assistants Increase Productivity in Workplace

Managing Meetings

Meeting and conferences are an integral part of an enterprise, whether it is an internal meeting or business client meeting. And we know how important it is to schedule meetings conveniently and ensure that there are no conflicts in the schedule.

Voice assistants are a great help to perform such tasks. It will help you to schedule meetings, find out any scheduling conflicts and even connect you to a meeting room just by a voice command. And also, you don’t have to worry about taking notes on your laptop or your notepad. All you have to do is ask out loud to take notes.

Customer Support

Consider a scenario where a customer makes a call to a company’s customer support seeking resolution to an issue or a query. And the situation becomes worse when they have to go through an IVR menu where they are presented with a series of options to route them to the right department. This is definitely a worse experience from a customer point-of-view. 

AI-based voice assistant acts as a human secretary, where it asks questions and connect the caller to the right person. Incorporating voice assistant with social media apps, live-chat windows and emails, allowing customers to express their issues quickly. This will improve customer experience, building trust towards the brand. 

Sales Assistant

Sales are an important element for any B2B or B2C based enterprise. And a salesperson needs to be an expert in interacting with the potential customers and ensuring an increase in sales. All they do is converse with the potential clients or customers over the phone or through meetings.

However, the daily routine task of writing meeting summaries or making updates to the planner is a tedious and time-consuming process which can take up time from their primary job, which is selling. 

Leveraging AI-voice assistants in business will speed up the process of entering information about a meeting by voice transcription feature and debrief about the key points on the day’s meeting, improving the workplace experience. This will save a lot of time for salespeople, allowing them to concentrate more on sales.

Salesforce, a CRM software, introduced an AI-driven voice assistant for sales representatives named Einstein. 

Overcome Language Barrier

Traditionally, language barrier was one of the most common problems faced by organizations involved in international business. Enterprises had to hire an interpreter or native speaker to translate the content.

When luxury car brand Mercedes-Benz entered the Chinese market, they chose a name that sounded similar to Benz, i.e Bensi, meaning “rush to death”. The company then quickly changed the name to Benchi which translates to “run quickly or gallop”. 

Recent advancements in Machine Translation technology has redefined how International businesses are conducted world-wide. With the leverage of automatic speech recognition (ASR), machine translation and text-to-speech synthesis (TTS), voice assistants can now translate speeches from one language to another language with more accuracy.

This way enterprises can expand their business to different countries, overcoming the language barrier, hence increasing their productivity.


Imagine a situation where you are immersed in a specific task and forgets about other important matters that require urgent attention, like meetings scheduled with clients and important appointments.

This might turn out to be a huge loss for your company. To avoid such a panic situation you can leverage voice assistants in the workplace to set reminders that will help you to keep updated with the upcoming events. 


From scheduling meeting to eliminating language barrier in international business, voice assistants with AI technology is transforming the business workplace. Its ability to understand customer queries and route them to the right department is improving the customer experience.

These are just a few things that Intelligent Voice Assistants are capable of doing. With advancing technology, voice assistants are expected to increase business productivity significantly in the upcoming years.