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In the previous article, you have learnt what web marketing is and what are some of the best methods of using web design effectively. Now, we will take a closer look at how website designing can play a crucial role in your digital marketing strategy!

Website design plays an important role in attracting and retaining customers to your business. If you have been wondering how designing your website can be used to promote your product, service or brand!

Besides the obvious reason why brands spend so much time, effort and money in designing great websites a lesser-known impact that website design have, is on Search Engine Optimisation. (SEO)

You must always keep the principle of clean and efficient design in your mind while approaching the concept of website design. This is important as it plays an important role in your digital marketing strategy and can improve the overall rankings on search results.

Web design also affects certain factors such as affecting the bounce rates as well as the overall responsiveness of the website. Let us take a closer look into understanding the different metrics web design has on certain factors, in your digital marketing strategy.

How website design helps in building the brand?

As a brand, you need professional designers to help build your brand and design the pages of a website as well. You must always ensure that the quality of the website above all else. Certain factors such as navigation, loading speed are crucial in making your website more appealing to customers.

The website can improve the overall engagement with your customers by tweaking certain factors such as colour, logo and images! Promoting your products or services also leads to creating a successful digital marketing strategy.

How website design plays an important role in user experience?

Your website design directly plays an important role in improving the user experience, as Google takes into account the load time of a page, in its search results. An abundance of embedded videos, useless widgets, plugins and bulky images can affect the load time of a page.

A rule of thumb is to avoid any unnecessary images or videos which do not add any relevance to the experience of the user. In case you do rely on images and videos for your website, you must make sure that they are compressed without losing out on image quality!

When you are putting up the ads, you can either place the ads on the top or the bottom. This can reduce the ability to navigate across web pages as well as reduce the overall accessibility. Executing the right digital marketing strategy is important in helping your company succeed online.

The effect of website design on SEO:

Web design plays a major role in the search engine optimisation metrics for its Panda algorithm. This meant that duplicate content was penalized and with Google’s Mobile-First Index, improvements on the mobile versions of websites were also necessary.

When you are redesigning your website according to Google updates, you must make it easy for users to access any version with the device that it is catered for. You must also index the version of your website with the most visits, with outbound links to go to other versions.

Your website is mobile-friendly if it can be accessed from anywhere using the mobile version, rather than having to adjust with the Desktop version.

Some other known benefits of good web-design:

  • Web design, when optimized well can help to improve and even increase the overall conversion rate.
  • Combining different facets of digital marketing together, to imbibe digital marketing strategies in the best manner possible.

In conclusion, these are a few methods of how web design is incredibly effective in building your digital marketing strategy. In the next article, we will be learning about different web designing style strategies and their benefits!