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In this article, we will be looking into how you can create a channel by utilizing Google’s billion-dollar user network. This is part one in the series of how you can tap into Google’s privately-owned video network. This helps people to watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube every single day and with the help of a mobile alone, has reached more people in the demographic age group between 18 to 34 years old. Did you know that people have shifted rapidly from local cable television to completely going online?

So, now you must be wondering that if the video is the best medium to reach out to an existing audience then why is it not utilized more and more often by businesses everywhere? This is simply because video as a medium is much harder to produce on a regular basis than a blog post or an image. However, due to the rapid rate of development in technology and software video is becoming much easier than ever to create. This means that there is an incredibly huge opportunity for your business, especially on YouTube.

Let us look into how you can create a channel utilizing a billion-dollar user network:

How to create a YouTube channel

Creating a YouTube channel using your Google account

You can easily create a YouTube channel with the help of using a Google account, this will give you access to watching, sharing, and commenting on a YouTube channel. Google accounts will also help you to automatically create YouTube channels. You can also get a new channel with the help of a simple and quick process.

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1. Going to YouTube and sign in

The simplest way to create your very own YouTube channel and get it started with the help of YouTube.

2. Heading over to your YouTube settings

After you create this process, you can head over to your YouTube settings by clicking on the profile icon as well as the ‘Settings’ icon.

3. Creating your channel

The next step involves creating your channel and now you can also name your channel along with choosing the right category for your page. Some of the various page options are:

  • Product or a Brand
  • Company institution or organization
  • Arts, entertainment or sports
  • Other

You must also be considerate of your channel art and choosing the most optimal image size, which also works across multiple devices. The best size for your channel art in a pixel is a 2560 x 1440 px image. The minimum width that your channel art needs are 2048 X 1152 px and it is the safe area where your text and logos are guaranteed by displaying on various devices. The maximum width is 2560 X 423 px. This also means that the safe area is more visible than ever, with areas on each side of the channel art being visible when viewed on the browser size.

Here are some of the various tips that you can follow:

1. Ensure any text and logos are within the safe area

The safe area for the text and logo is 1546 X 423 pixels at the center of the YouTube channel art. This will be an area that can help you to display this on YouTube especially when your channel is viewed particularly.

The logo and text safe area is the 1546 x 423 px space at the center of the YouTube channel art template. This is the area that will be displayed on your YouTube channel when viewed on desktop screens. You should be careful to ensure any kind of important information that you put out is in line with the branding and vision of your company.

2. Creating different channel links

It is important that you successfully create different types of channel links and enable you to add various links to your channel which are displayed in the bottom right corner of your channel art.

In Conclusion:

This was the first step in creating a successful video channel, along with a popular YouTube channel. Stay tuned for our next article in this series, where we will be looking into methods of how to utilize a billion-dollar user network. Good luck and thanks for reading!

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