Hello, GoFounders/ONPASSIVE family all around this beautiful world. 

I want to share a little story as to why I believe ONPASSIVE will be such a phenomenal success.

Like so many of you, I have always had a difficult time recruiting for any business I have participated in. But when I heard about the concept, and Ash’s plan to fix that common problem way back in Sept of 2018, long before we had a name or almost 70K founders signed up, I knew immediately, this idea, this vision, this concept was exactly what people like me need if we ever want to see success in the online business world.

Well, I’ve had 3 what I thought were very highly interested, motivated prospects that I’ve been dealing with over the last several months. Actually, I have to admit I have not done a whole lot of recruiting just because I was tired of all the nonsense and rejection. But this time, with these 3 specific individuals, I felt it necessary and prudent to reach out and offer them something that could change their situation. But, as it turns out, as of today, I have been informed by each of them that there is no interest and for me to look elsewhere.

OK. Nothing new. The thing is, I know these folks and I know their situation. And I have once again been reminded why recruiting is so hard for most, and why people just give up. So yeah, I was hesitant to even try with them but I did. Nothing. 

The bottom line is, at least for me, as I am sure it is for so many of you, just the mere fact that ONPASSIVE will take over this responsibility with our advanced AI technology, doing all the work required FOR US, I will sleep well tonight knowing that fact, and THAT is just one of the many reasons I believe ONPASSIVE will truly rock the IM world and put an end to the human feelings of frustration and failure. 

As far as the 3 people I mentioned, maybe once we launch, once they see what we have, they may have a change of heart and decide to come in as a customer. For now, I will bide my time, and I WILL continue to share the opportunity, but I will be so thankful for ONPASSIVE to launch.

After all, I am all in, 1000% In It To Win It.  And THAT my friend is THE BOTTOM LINE!

Source: GoFounders Community