I Am Blessed To Be a Part of ONPASSIVE

Perseverance keeps me going even when family and friends say no for ONPASSIVE, discouragement whispers, Give up, and doubt says, “it can’t be done,” but it’s my anchor in life’s storms, my compass when I have lost, and the head of steam that gets me up the next hill. Once again, thanks to our magnificent CEO Mr Ash Mufareh and his entire team and the Leadership Council Members, who are doing such an incredible job of keeping us on track? Yes! I am blessed to be a part of ONPASSIVE. We ARE ALL IN IT TO WIN IT.

Theodore Williams – United States

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  • Avatar Mahiuddin Rana

    I am Proud to Be a onpassive Founder. Thanks to Our CEO Mr. Ash Mufareh Sir for Great opportuinty to all of us. Onpassive AI Technology king of internet”

    2 weeks ago | 4 April, 2021 5:20 pm Reply

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