Gil Carter Onpassive Founder

As you know I love numbers, particularly ONPASSIVE numbers.  I also love the accuracy of words especially when I can honestly say I feel a particular word deeply.

I am grateful no doubt about it.  However, lately I’ve been feeling that the word grateful wasn’t big enough for what I was feeling for ONPASSIVE.

What I realized is what I am truly feeling is BLESS in ways I haven’t ever experience before in my life.

Sure I’ve felt blessed in my life.  However, those blessed feeling always had a degree of Woo Woo along with it.  Don’t get me wrong I like my minimum daily allowance of Woo Woo like anyone else. Wink smile

But with ONPASSIVE the blessing is based in hard facts.  Reality.

Superior products backed up with AI marketing.

A pay plan that’s clean, fair, Abundance, Opulence, Luxuriant (lacking in restraint), and Unlimited.

Large Tech Dept. of people that are second to none!  Truly a blessing!

Not only do I feel blessed, but every Founders is Blessed whether they know it or not. 

Clearly everyone in our community already knows this.

I am extremely excited when ONPASSIVE launches watching, listening to and feeling the entire World Exhale because they know deep in their hearts they, their families, and cultures are truly BLESSED with Freedom and Empowerment like they never thought possible.