Today, I am thinking of the word “confidence” and what the word means to my thoughts every day. I am extremely grateful for the ONPASSIVE business opportunity and its impact on my approach to my activities daily. I am confident that I will be able to do many of the things that I have hoped that I would do. That feeling helps create an “attitude” that says nothing is impossible and generates a positive state of mind that is so meaningful.

In most cases, the positive state of mind is contagious for family, friends and all those in your orbit on a routine basis. Have you ever had a leader in a business or social situation that often lacked the confident and positive approach to problem-solving? I am sure we have all seen the huge difference when the leader has the “we can do this” approach.

The fact that ONPASSIVE will make a huge impact and the positive effect on millions is, in my mind, a certainty. I have the confidence that I know others can feel as well.
We are moving closer every day. Yes, we are going to do some things. Of that, I am certain.