When I became a founder I was not sure what this business was about all I knew is it was about helping others achieve their goals. That is why I became a founder what made me comment to ONPASSIVE, was the passion of our CEO and the wonderful team building this beast.

And be very clear when I became a founder we didn’t know anything about GOFOUNDERS heck we didn’t have a name or nothing else so what made believe ASH and his passion to help others achieve their goals and he truly loves what he does so that is why I am never giving up I am IN IT TO WIN IT. I cannot wait to meet others on this bumpy road to success.

Just think we are making products the world will from us rather it be online or brick and mortar we have something to help them achieve whatever goal they want to strive for and that makes happy about ONPASSIVE/GOFOUNDERS. Our main mission is to change the world by simply helping others.

Source: GoFounders Community