Ilona Sebesi

I started to see how powerful ONPASSIVE is. It will eliminate poverty. It will be an enormous impact on the whole world economy. Words cannot describe how grateful we are as Founders to be in this revolutionary new beginning of an era of this unique technology.

Bringing people together in unity from all over the world to accomplish high success for every each one of them and giving the better life what they all deserve. For people who believe in Mr Ash’s vision, their dream will come true.

Mr Ash is shocking the world with the impossible. All the appreciation and thanks for him to make it possible for the many people who suffered and suffering through life and work hard and never could accomplish a better life and financial freedom.

This time I am a strong believer of his hard work even though it sounds too good to be true. Nobody ever heard of anything like it, but for some reason I believe in him. His passion and his big heart for people and his new vision (which is non-existent as of today) will make everyone who joins his invention a Dream come true.

His brilliant idea will make a huge difference in the whole world. For him the impossible is possible and now so is for all the people! Thank you Mr Ash to come into our lives and change it for us for the better!
We all appreciate you and your hard work … and love you because you are an Earth Angel!

You deserve a Nobel Prize for your invention!