UB Ministries Stanley Comer Mgr

Good Morning OP-FAM!!!

I can only THANK MY CREATOR for placing someone (my sponsor) in my life to tell me about ONPASSIVE! And then, his sponsor, their sponsor, and their sponsor all the way back up to creating Mr. Ash Mufareh!! When a child is born, you NEVER know what the child’s destiny is and what they will ultimately do to “touch the world.” As a former teacher and just a loving person, it has ALWAYS BOTHERED ME to hear parents, teachers, or anyone who tell a child that they will never amount to anything! As a child grows and encounters various experiences, NO ONE KNOWS what will be the turning point will be to set that child/person on the path to changing the world. I am so glad that Ash had to go through the struggles, disappointment, etc. that he experienced in the business world, to get “fed up enough” to where HE DECIDED to take action and conceive ONPASSIVE. THANK YOU, MR. ASH MUFAREH!!!