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24 Mar 2021
1 Min read

I can’t Thank You Enough Mr Ash Mufareh and the Tech Team

ONPASSIVE is a company that will forever change people’s lives! Anyone who sees the vision and has dreams will never be the same. I can’t thank you enough for all Mr Ash Mufareh done for this company and the tech team in India that worked so hard nights and days making ONPASSIVE a reality. I hope that one day shortly all of us GoFounders will get to meet all of you in that beautiful building. In my 30 years in the network market, I never have fun doing it but with ONPASSIVE I have so much fun and never have to worry about not being about to fund all my accounts. I loved ONPASSIVE more than my other half (husband) LOL. I look forward to the day ONPASSIVE launch and will forever never return to my J.O.B! ONPASSIVE, WE ARE IN IT TO WIN IT!

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