I can’t Thank You Enough Mr Ash Mufareh and the Tech Team

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ONPASSIVE is a company that will forever change people’s lives! Anyone who sees the vision and has dreams will never be the same. I can’t thank you enough for all Mr Ash Mufareh done for this company and the tech team in India that worked so hard nights and days making ONPASSIVE a reality. I hope that one day shortly all of us GoFounders will get to meet all of you in that beautiful building. In my 30 years in the network market, I never have fun doing it but with ONPASSIVE I have so much fun and never have to worry about not being about to fund all my accounts. I loved ONPASSIVE more than my other half (husband) LOL. I look forward to the day ONPASSIVE launch and will forever never return to my J.O.B! ONPASSIVE, WE ARE IN IT TO WIN IT!

Mai Vang – United States

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  • Avatar Vinnette Bruney.

    I totally agree with Mia! I am shouting with every beam of my lungs, ONPASSIVE is the best thing since slice bread. It is actually already better than slice bread. Ash Mufareh and the Indian team, you did it!!! Ash, God chose you to execute this mission, because He did not see anyone capable enough to execute it. I am truly grateful you answered when He knocked at your door. You did not turn God down when He chose you Ash! I am truly grateful to you, your beautiful wife and family, and firstly, to God for allowing GoFounders to choose me to be a part of this mission. This is truly a DEVINE MISSION, and I am amazed to be a part of it. Bountiful thanks to the India team for all their hard work towards this mission; you guys ROCK. KUDOS to the leaders, past and current for your great team work. I love everyone of you, including all the founders. Teamwork makes the dream works!! Let us work together to change the world. There are massive amount of people to feed, clothes and shelter, and children to educate and train to carry on this mission. Ash! YOU ROCK! AS BOB MARLEY SEH “DON’T WORRY ABOUT A THING, ‘CAUSE EVERY LITTLE THING, IS GONNA BE A’RIGHT” PRAYING ALWAYS FOR GOD TO COVER YOU AND FAMILY, ONPASSIVE, THE INDIA TEAM, THE LEADERS AND FOUNDERS. THIS MISSION IS GOING TO BE A MASSIVE SUCCESS. YOU ARE A TRUE LEADER AND A REAL PERFECTIONIST. 😍
    A big shout out to Scott House for running that add I ran into online, and for taking time out to explain GoFounders to me👌

    2 months ago | 25 March, 2021 4:36 am Reply

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