I can’t think of a Better Place to be than being in Early-bird GoFounders

John Harder

Greetings to All! WOW! We are just approaching 160,000 GoFounders.

I can’t think of a better place to be than being in early-bird GoFounders.

Peace, Love, and Appreciation.


John Harder

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  • Rakesh Kasera

    Looks sound tobe Gofounders family

    10 months ago | 4 September, 2020 4:28 am Reply
  • Stefan Ozsvath

    Thank you John for sharing your thoughts and feelings about Onpassive. I feel the same way asking myself every day “How could I be so lucky to be one of the early founders on this mind blowing IT company, that will offer to the public all the tools that they need to be successful on the internet and off the internet being so revolutionary that will become a household name soon, also will be making history when launched to the public this year. Every single marketer on the internet will be joining sooner or later as they will need what we offer. They will not be able to evade, avoid,postpone or go around it, therefore they will become first, customers than resellers of our products and services realizing that they are looking at world class, Smart Business Tools turbo charged with artificial intelligence that will help them succeed, by using those tools and it will create a residual income from it, in the process. Totally genius concept where not only the company makes all the profits but everyone involved will.
    Onpassive is looking at the big picture and was built for the people shining the light on those that are in darkness, lifting people up helping them to Thrive not only Survive and slowly but surely stopping the greedy companies in their tracks.

    10 months ago | 29 August, 2020 9:20 pm Reply

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