GoFounder opportunity

Hello Ash,

Just taking a moment to acknowledge you on all that you have done and still doing for mankind. I appreciate your formal address to us as individuals and certainly make me feel like you are specifically talking to me.

It is one of your attributes that makes me want to be in this community and I support everything you are doing even more so now, considering the state of affairs in our beloved planet Earth.

Recently I also watched your Presentation on the Pay Plan on our FB group and as you shared your experience from the years past and the losses you had through Internet systems which turned out to be scams of the sort, I couldn’t but relate to you from my past experiences.

I just wanted to reiterate that finding the GoFounder opportunity and what you are accomplishing to raise the hope of so many who has suffered similar losses is the most humanitarian action one can do.

I admire the foundation which you are building this upon, INTEGRITY / HONESTY / TRUST which totally aligns with me and so many other members in our Founders community and it is what drew me to become a part of this amazing opportunity.

It isn’t easy to rehabilitate TRUST when it’s been broken so many times but thanks to you I am once again a believer. Your message of what’s in your heart and mind comes across very clearly and I wish you continued strength, inspiration, and success in whatever you do in life.  

I celebrate your leadership and creative ability which is ever-evolving into the vision you desire to accomplish not for selfish reasons but for all.

God bless you and keep you and your family safe.

Source: GoFounders Community