My name is Bystrik and I have been doing business online since 2011 and have always wanted to find a business that makes sense to me and makes sense to EVERYONE who does business or needs advertising. After seven years, my friend offered me the GoFounders / ONPASSIVE opportunity. At that time, I had no idea what business really was about. I immediately took advantage of it and it was the best decision of my business life.

Doing business online is the job of the future. Many people in the world try to make money through the Internet. In addition to being a victim of scams, many will also fail in the right online business because they don’t know how to do business, how to promote, or don‘t have the patience to build a business for months or years. But this will change!

I love the vision of guaranteed success with ONPASSIVE. I feel it will be a revolution that will change the lives of many people. Like the Internet, mobile phone and similar technological advancements. That’s why I managed to create a large team of people. I very often inform them about the news, motivate and support them. I create a circle of good friends, future successful people. After all, this is the foundation in network marketing. Have a team of people who achieve success. This will be a success not only for me, but also for the products and services of ONPASSIVE itself. Embark on the right path to success. Choose the right and life business. Be at something big that will change the world! You have a unique chance that won’t be offered many times in your life. Maybe never again. You have the opportunity to be at the right time in the right place and right now.