With all the bad thing going right now in our county I am so happy I am ONPASSIVE/ GoFounder I know that leaves me to a better life in the future, I am Retire now, but the life I left go out with a bang on living The good life too, I have worked all my life and that I retire now and in ONPASSIVE/GoFounder I going start living better for Me and my Great Wife that stand by me throw the bad time and the good time, I am looking forward and waiting for ONPASSIVE/ GoFounder get launch then I will know life going better for me and my wife and a better future! I want to pray for USA and the world with all the thing that going right now! Let’s Pray get thing back to normal in our life have peace in the world! I want Thank You Ash for ONPASSIVE/GoFounder I am in it to win it and I know I am in a good place! Thank You