Greetings from the UK 

Over the past 5 years I have been searching for a way to make money online and I really have not succeeded. I’ve made a bit of money drop-shipping but never made it big.

I looked in to online marketing but it is so expensive to buy the right tools and finding the right traffic for my niche was so hard so after 6 months of trying and £100’s lost I gave up.

Then in January this year I was shown GoFounders/ONPASSIVE I listened to Mr Ash Mufareh on a presentation and WOW I was hooked, just hearing his passion and the vision of ONPASSIVE I immediately secured myself a founders position.

I then went on to show some friends what ONPASSIVE will do and they soon secured themselves a Founders position. 

Since January I have followed every live webinar I check our community daily and have met some amazing people all I can say is anyone who wants to build their business or are just starting out like I am really need to look at what Ash is offering and at the price you are paying it’s a no brainer.

Once you hear Ash Mufareh and his passion you will sign up to ONPASSIVE and I look forward to seeing you all inside because ONPASSIVE is going to change lives for the better.

Thank you for reading.