We aspire for the day when ONPASSIVE is accomplished, perfected, secure, and flawless.

Where Technology works on autopilot exactly as envisioned since day one;

While our countless experts and professionals run this massive platform literally around the clock

We strive for the day you and I will be set free and get to enjoy the things we love to do


Our human force and tech power will endure taking care of the operation

We know there are no shortcuts in real business as we must get it done the right way, 

I can see it, I can smell, and almost can touch it.

Your GREATER success is within reach, it’s time to rewrite our success story

Living a life operated by our own terms and rules, we don’t have to ask/call/answer to anyone! (maybe just our loved ones, by choice only)


It must be sustainable, effectual, and competent!

There’s no speed paddle, there’s no press button

There’s no phase skipping

There are no days skimming

Launching time is not my choice ….not even your wish

Launching is a choice, and we chose to make it a BIG one

It’s determined by the ethical implementation of the right work

The required work and time must be paid fair and square!

We have been preparing, we’ve been paying, working, and working and WORKING!

The Dream is coming

The countdown clock is about to be set and go

Tick…Tick. Tick ..tick ..Tick

Source: GoFounders Community