ONPASSIVE business

I really enjoy coming to our community and reading all the wonderful and inspiring posts. We have something very special here but I have to admit, for a while there it was starting to seem like things were getting out of hand with all the excessive sharing of posts, and some founders who were posting many multiple posts, sometimes just dominating the whole space.

Since the last webinar and the polls we took on those issues, I am happy that things have settled down and our founders’ family is complying with the rules. It is making the community better and I’m seeing lots of new names never seen here before. I love that!

Our ONPASSIVE business will afford us many things in this journey we are on, one of the least is this very community we have of like-minded individuals coming together, sharing ideas, sharing good times and bad. Let’s remember to be good stewards of our community because it deserves to be a place we can come and exchange ideas without all the hassles of the big social media sites.

I have been here for a long time, being among the first to catch Ash’s vision way back in 2018. I believe in this man, what he is doing, and support him 1000%. We have been on a long journey friend, and our light at the end of the tunnel draws near. Hold onto your dreams for they are closer than ever to becoming reality.

I love ONPASSIVE, Ash Mufareh, and every single one of you great people. May the good Lord keep you all safe and healthy, and I hope you are like me……1000% IN IT TO WIN IT! 

Source: GoFounders Community