Hi Mr. Ash Mufareh,
I want to thank u from the very bottom of my heart for all that u & your wife & family & the team are doing to help so many in so many ways..! I know u have been working around the clock & u & your family have made so many sacrifices more than i can even imagine.
I see the office & employees in India..!

I have believed in you from the start of hearing your vision from when i became a founder since 8/3/2018. I have been on every live webinar u had for the founders but one. I listen to that one within 24hrs of it.  I know that the higher power has sent u here to help so, many! ONPASSIVE is driven by the highest power, so therefore will be successful. Excited to see the space ships go to the top speed for its lift off to the world, plus to see the movement as well.

I have no words to say how full of joy I am.
I have cried with joy so many times .sure i have my own dreams & goals, but more excited to help others. (Food, cancer, brain, domestic & kid violence, etc.)

God bless u & your family!