My Name is ISMAILA ADETUNJI MOJEED, I am from Nigeria, and I live in ABUJA (FCT) and OYO-STATE to be precise.

I have taken my time to read and study all that you and your team have been able to put in place as regard of making online business acceptable Globally ,I am very very impressed and happy

First I must commend your effort and what you have done so far, May GOD bless and reward you abundantly Mr. ASH Amen!!!

Have been telling my people and different forum, that what we are looking for, since 2007 is already with us, which is (ONPASSIVE). We are looking for where to spend our time and energy online and make it in life as well. While we, as a community (GOFUNDERS) can make it happen.

What we need is to support your vision (Mr.Ash). I have studied your ideas and what you have already put in place already and I wholely and fully pledge my support with you, to see that your vision, which is our hope too is actualized.

I am ready to put more effort with you to see that your vision, of our INTERNET MARKETING SOLUTIONS, is brought down to Abuja FEDERAL CAPITAL TERRITORY and OYO-STATE to be precise, which is the online business hub of the South West Area of Nigeria.