Be Ready Whenever That Is Supposed To Be

Patience is the key here; some of us sure want things to happen faster than others & others will accept whenever it comes.

The actual reality is both parties want it just as bad as the other, but some know how to be more willing to wait & see what happens vs. others.

Some have been here since 2018; others just got in, either way… A lot has changed & grown since then.

One day whenever that day comes, we all will have a much better life than struggling to make ends meet, do not get me wrong, I like many others, would like our ONPASSIVE to happen finally; however, I would rather have everything to be ready whenever that is supposed to be.

All we can do is waiting & let the magic take place. While our hands are tied, all we can do is pray & keep the positivity going, even during these uncertain times.

Get better soon, please, Mr. ASH & your family, as well as anyone else who got this virus. God bless you all.