I’m Proud to be One of the Founding Members

gabor cserep

Thank you Mr Ash Mufareh for creating ONPASSIVE that is transforming the lives and the future of all of us.
ONPASSIVE is a fully automated marketing system based on cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology. This is a real gift and a great opportunity for many people.
I’m proud to be one of the founding members.

Gabor Cserep

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  • Stefan Ozsvath Stefan Ozsvath

    Very well said Gabor,

    I just want to add a bit if you don’t mind that is.

    Onpassive is a Technology Information Company.

    The best in the world that is,
    and will shake up internet, the zone of; marketing, advertising, tools, domain names, hosting, SEO and all the rest of the tools that marketers will need to succeed (in the real sense of the word) .
    Founders, will be first of all, customers and re sellers that re-sell those tools.
    Everyone in the marketing sphere will be acquiring those tools for less than they are paying now and should they choose to become re sellers themselves, those tools will become eventually free.
    How about that (just think about it). If any so called program that one is part of and offers less than Onpassive, it is useless to be part of.
    Onpassive will revolutionize “Interneting” (new word)
    Look for it by name.
    I am in it to win it.

    5 days ago | 14 January, 2020 4:11 pm Reply

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