I started earning online back in 1996, as you can imagine I have seen many changes to the internet over the years and every business/program out there. I have seen many successes but also many losses. These days I see a lot of the top leaders jumping into something new every 3-4 months, causing their referrals to lose their hard-earned cash. It is a shame there are so many people taking advantage of other people’s goals and dreams these days, creating unsustainable programs or blatant scams. When I first heard that Ash Mufareh was creating his own company, I had just lost several thousand dollars on an elaborate business scam and was about to throw in the towel and give up.

I knew of Ash from when I used to promote another company approx… 15 years ago. Hearing Ash’s vision and seeing the mission he was on, I wanted to be a part of the journey immediately! Finally, something to help the masses see success in their lives, to help the little guy, those in need, charities and the list goes on… I’m so proud to be a Founder of ONPASSIVE and I can’t wait to see every single one of my fellow Founder families achieve their goals and dreams!

Thank you, Ash, and all the team at GoFounders/ONPASSIVE for everything.

Love you all…