smartphone applications

We already have many apps helping us in our daily lives, from alarm apps waking us up in the morning to soothing music that puts us back to sleep. With the advancement of technology, it has been so easy for anybody to develop an app. Today we’re living in the initial stages of automation era. So what is new in the modern world? Well, thanks to the innovation in research and science, the scope of problems to be solved are growing, and the use of computers is decreasing.

Artificial intelligence is going to make smartphones smarter. Here are some of the best implementation of AI apps in Smartphones:

Cortana – Microsoft’s Virtual Assistant

Cortana is a voice assistant which at first rolled out on PCs, however, today we see it being implemented in several Android smartphones. It is one of the popular virtual assistants for windows. With Cortana, you can sync your smartphone with your PC, this way it is easy to set a reminder on your PC and get the notification on your phone. We can also track files, videos, and music from your devices. Cortana can send emails. It is also easy to search for important things on the internet

Google Allo – Interactive Messaging App

Google Allo is a messaging app from Google that allows users to perform actions on their Android phones just with their voice. This app can also be used as a voice to text app on Android devices. The app is more engaging, and users can easily express their emotions and feelings using interactive emojis and beautiful stickers. AI chooses the emoji while you text. AI can understand the tone of your voice. It also has Smart Reply feature that learns the behaviour of the user and suggests text and photos according to the user’s typical replies.

Hound – Voice Search & Virtual Assistant App

Hound is an AI Android app that works just like Google Voice Search. You can wake up Hound without even tapping on the screen, and you can activate just by saying “Ok Hound”. This virtual assistant can be used for a wide range of functions. You can also search for keywords on the internet, get informed on the current weather or weather forecast, finding where to eat, book a ride on Uber, make calculations and much more. With a guided set of instructions, apps like these can come in handy for visually impaired.

ELSA – Teaching Assistant

An AI app that can teach English. This app helps those who want to improve English speaking skills. ELSA – English Language Speech Assistant is one of the best artificial intelligence Android apps for learning English. With the help of this, users can learn English and enhance their pronunciation in weeks of using the app. The app will also help with tests that are given by experts which assist users in tracking their journey of learning. Users can evaluate themselves and see their strengths and weaknesses level.

AI integrated apps will change smartphones functionalities completely. Smartphones have made our lives easier, with the help of AI; we can expect everything is going towards automation. If you too think AI can change the usage of the smartphones, you are free to give your views in the comments.