Past, the internet was about static images and slow websites. But now, you can see different internet experience with Video dominating the online landscape. Video is the most used medium for brands to communicate with the message across, and video marketing plays a crucial part among online marketers.

Hence, a video was the most preferred content type for online marketing, and it is used by both B2B and B2C marketers.

Benefits of Video Marketing:

Even though the Video has been used for so long, there are still some doubts about implementing video marketing. Here are some benefits of video marketing.

  • Increase of Brand Awareness:

Reaching more people who recognize who you are and what you do is the best way for growth of your customer base without getting lost in the heaving marketplace. Video helps your brand convey the core values and increase your exposure for your potential customers with informative and entertaining videos.

  • Immersive Experience:

Video marketing also includes images, brand messages, script, and music. It creates an immersive experience that acts between the brand and its audience. The Video will be a few seconds and gives the audience a multi-dimensional idea regarding the brand and the attributes lacking in 2-D advertising. Videos help you to tell the story and make a strong connection among your customers. 

  • ROI:

Most online marketers agree that the Video performs better than any other content in converting the audience. Identified in research that 80% of video viewers recall the brand-specific video ads, and 46% of them took action on the brand message. 

  • Cost-Effective Solution:

A paid search marketing will be useful, but there will be a high price tag coming to online marketing strategies. Where advertising on YouTube is a low cost than a dollar view. Video advertising price varies for other platforms like Facebook and Instagram. It is a cost-effective solution and no requirement for a high marketing budget.

B2C video marketing:

No doubt, Video marketing is more likely influencing B2C marketing. Let’s see how it is influencing.

  • Customer reviews:

Consumers go for reviews and testimonials by satisfied customers as they won’t believe in advertising. Today, most of the audiences are watching video testimonials on YouTube, which are made with YouTube intro maker that offers necessary social proof for a doubtful audience.

  • Videos on Products:

Product-based videos do not serve the purpose, but videos should be created to get integrated into the lifestyle. Brands should show their customers how they can improve a customer’s life, and videos convey effectively. 

  • Sales videos:

Brands who plan a big sale should serve better by creating videos that communicate quickly across the targeted audiences. Such videos that are long more than 2 minutes serve best, which is considered the optimum length. 

  • Influencer Marketing:

Get a partnership with a known influencer for better video creation, an eager and available audience for easy consumption. The strategy is more powerful, where it works in both ways, improving the influencer standing among the audience, and the brand should create content that grabs attention. 

  • Unboxing videos:

You can introduce the product into the market through unboxing videos. It has an element to the influencer marketing where vlogger or YouTuber provided exclusive access to a new product. It is common on YouTube where 90,000 people do unboxing every month. 

B2B Video Marketing:

It is a known fact that B2B companies are late in the usage of video marketing compared to B2C companies. Here are some benefits of using video marketing for B2B companies.

  • Sales Funnel based Videos:

It is useful to have long term sales cycles if they implement careful consideration of the big picture. There are videos for each Funnel like top, middle, and bottom. Make sure these videos are made with an outro maker that allows the audience to continue watching videos associated with the brand. 

  • Live videos:

It is an excellent opportunity for B2B marketers to connect with the core audience. One of the most efficient ways to communicate about a product or service through a video format. Next, webinars are the easiest way to produce with the help of tools like Zoom. Record the presentation and convert them into a webinar. After that, add those videos to YouTube on your website.

  • A blog to Video:

Companies that have a long-running blog and provide readymade content for the videos. They recycle their old posts and serves with the trend videos, which grab the audience’s attention.