artificial intelligence

Did you know: A robot – AlphaZero created by IBM defeated Garry Kasparov, a world champion in chess? It just thought itself for 4 hours. If a robot with AI program can do that, think of what else it is capable of. Artificial intelligence is slowly developing in all the areas. For businesses, AI applications can help in all sorts of ways depending on all your organizational needs.

In our blog – AI beginners guide – part 9, we understood how to acknowledge the internal capability gap and to learn what you and your organization are capable of implementing AI in your business. Once you are through all these, you are ready to take small steps in implementing AI in your business. 

Today, we’re going to discuss how and why to Take Help of Experts to try out the first project. You are expert in your business but to implement AI in your business, you have to bring in the experts to help you in your first AI project. This will help you in giving a good start with AI. 

Start Strong but Small

If the foundation of your AI is strong, then you don’t have to worry about how your AI builds up in the future. Once you think your business is ready with all the requirements needed to implement AI, it’s time for you to start building and integrating. The most important factors here are to start small, to have small project goals, and, most importantly, be aware of your capabilities of AI. This is where bringing in outside AI consultants can be helpful.

Combine the Teams

It is important that you bring internal and external people together in a small team. It wouldn’t take more than 2-3 months for your first AI project. When you bring the team closer and within a tight time frame, the team will be able to focus on straightforward goals. You will have a huge benefit to implement AI strongly with the help of people who know about the business and the people who know about AI.

Strategy Formulation 

It is important that the outside counsel understand your needs, challenges, opportunities, and data analytics capabilities. This will help them build a strategy that aligns with your business capabilities and implement AI in the right way. Taking the AI initiatives into consideration, companies overall strategy should also be revised. This will help in aligning your capabilities with the outside AI consultants. 

Implementation and Training

Once you have formulated strategies, you will start seeing a number of AI initiatives in progress. Implementation should also be considered as various activities such as planning, vendor relationships, project management, and development and so on. When you start implementing AI, there are some services that be completed by consultants and you should start your training on AI too.

The outside counsel will not be there forever, therefore, try improving your AI skills along with them. 

Artificial intelligence can be challenging with the limited amount of resources available now, but with experts help, it can be easy to start implementing AI into any business. Several large companies have already started implementing AI in their business ventures, and some popular companies like IBM are offering services like AI implementation for other businesses. 

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