Importance of AI in Social Media Marketing

Social media is no longer only a place for users to exchange information and communicate with their friends and family. Smart businesses have realized the platform’s immense potential and are utilizing it for eCommerce, customer service, marketing, and public relations, among other things.

Handling AI in social media marketing and all of its many components, on the other hand, is no easy feat. You must develop content, distribute it at the right times, connect with your audience, track activity, handle sponsored advertisements, analyze data, and provide reports. Manually doing all of these duties promptly is nearly difficult. You’d probably collapse under the weight of it all if you factor in other company areas that demand your attention.

Marketers may use artificial intelligence technologies like Socialbakers to pick the correct social approach for their campaigns, follow audience habits, assess the effectiveness of their marketing efforts, and do a variety of other tasks that would otherwise be too time-consuming for them. You may focus on the more creative parts of your marketing operations with more time on your hands and less work necessary to carry off effective campaigns.

How To Incorporate AI in Social Media Marketing?

The face of AI in social media marketing is changing. You may use AI for social media in a variety of ways, including:

● Management And Production Of Content

Your audience will engage with your brand if you have good content. It might take hours to create material for your social media accounts, and then you have to distribute it, handle conversations, and monitor how well it performs. Within minutes, AI social media tools can understand how your brand speaks, what kind of material your audience likes and produce relevant posts with the right hashtags and connections. It may send out those points at the most efficient moments to get the greatest interaction.

Artificial intelligence has the potential to transcend beyond traditional audience settings. As a result, you’ll be able to find and target a greater number of high-quality prospects and leads. You can also use AI to track the success of your social media postings to see what type of material gets the best results for your company. These insights will enable you to regularly generate content that is both informative and interesting for your audience.

● Enhancing Customer Service And Satisfaction

People want to do business with companies that offer excellent customer service. Customer satisfaction and retention, on the other hand, starts with getting to know your consumers. You’ll be able to learn your audience’s preferences and become closer to them by implementing artificial intelligence into social media. This allows you to generate content, target advertisements, and make product or service improvements that will improve your users’ experiences. To give the greatest client experience on social media, you can detect problem areas, address them right away, and respond to concerns and complaints quickly.

● Using Social Listening To Get Information

Artificial intelligence has aided the integration of technologies like social listening, which can analyze social media postings at scale, listen to what people are saying about your business, and assist you in identifying emerging trends or new audiences to target. People may be utilizing your products and services in ways you didn’t expect. Knowing such use cases can help you find new ways to promote your company. AI’s consumer insights can assist you in strengthening your connections with your audience while also improving your brand’s reputation and equity.

● Analyze Your Competition

If you’d like to stay ahead of the game, you must keep an eye on your competitors to see how you might outperform them. AI-powered analytics can help you correctly and rapidly evaluate your rivals’ social accounts. You can track their reach, engagement rates, conversion rates, consumer perceptions of them, and the methods that are working for them. With this data, you’ll be able to improve your social strategy to enhance engagement and conversions.

AI Tools For Social Media

● Persado

Persado’s AI learns your brand language automatically and then writes like it on Facebook and Instagram.

● Socialbakers

Socialbakers utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to help find social influencers, analyze audiences, and manage social media operations across many platforms.

● Lately

Lately employs artificial intelligence (AI) to generate social media posts at scale from your content, gradually learning what performs best.

● Linkfluence

Linkfluence uses artificial intelligence to assist businesses in detecting consumer trends across several social media platforms.

● Cortex

Cortex uses artificial intelligence to find the most successful social media posts and creativity.

● Phrasee

Phrase automates the creation of Facebook and Instagram advertising in your brand language using sophisticated AI and machine learning.


By 2023, the market for artificial intelligence in social media is anticipated to reach $2.1 billion. More and more companies are turning to AI to handle different parts of their daily operations, including activity on digital marketing platforms. If your organization is serious about utilizing AI Tools for Social Media to interact with consumers, create leads, and promote your brand, AI can help you fuel your strategy, take it to the next level, and offer you a competitive advantage in your sector.

You may utilize the unrivalled insights provided by these technologies to boost productivity, spot new trends, reach a larger audience, find out what works for your niche, measure success, and improve campaigns in real-time. Contact ONPASSIVE now to learn more about the leading AI in social media marketing platforms like ONET.