Importance Of AI Marketing In Business

Both large and small organizations are using artificial intelligence to assist automate aspects of their operations. Machine learning is used in artificial intelligence, or AI, to accomplish tasks that a person can. It’s a technology that works similarly to the human brain.

In your day-to-day activities, you are most likely already familiar with AI. You’ve interacted with technology if you’ve spoken with Alexa, Siri, or reacted to a message or SMS provided by a firm. AI wants to make consumers’ and companies’ lives simpler, already yielding excellent effects. According to Mckinsey, 82 percent of businesses that have used AI have experienced a positive return on their investment.

It’s no surprise that the worldwide AI marketing industry is expected to exceed $40 billion this year, growing at a CAGR of 43 percent from 2019, according to research by Research And Markets. Businesses may use AI in a variety of ways to simplify processes and enhance the overall consumer experience.

Top Ways In Which AI Marketing Helps To Grow Your Business

Here are five ways businesses may utilize technology to develop their businesses, as well as instances of how it has worked in the past.

  • Improving Customer Service

One of the most popular applications of AI marketing in business is customer service. It’s a natural progression from phone menus, and it improves customer satisfaction. This, when paired with humanizing your business, may significantly increase attention and revenue.

AI can give automatic replies to frequent consumer questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Small firms that cannot afford to pay substantial call centers would benefit significantly from this. It helps organizations save money by speeding up response times to commonly requested queries.

Consumers are also willing to speak with a machine rather than a live worker, according to research. Consumers don’t mind dealing with a human or a chatbot as long as they get the help they need, according to 40% of customers.

AI marketing will increasingly be used by businesses to automate customer care. According to Finance Digest, Servion Global Solutions expects to power 95 percent of live telephone and internet talks by 2025.

  • Search Engine Optimization

For firms, ROI of marketing is a cost-effective and practical marketing approach. Search is utilized in a wide range of industries. Combining AI with what companies are already doing can help them enhance their search efforts. Alexa and Siri, for example, are great examples of how voice search technology may help with SEO. Keyword optimization, website performance, and tag management may all be automated using AI. It may help with content marketing by automatically generating material and creating bespoke news feeds. According to experts, businesses must now consider integrating a voice-search strategy into their websites and optimizing smartphones. AI is transforming search into a more conversational and human-like experience, which is precisely what customers want.

  • Increasing Conversions

Digital marketing is one of AI’s most valuable uses. Artificial intelligence may generate conversational advertisements and connect with customers on social media. Do you want to know how to locate a professional to care for your company’s AI needs? Please let us know. Traditional advertising is brought to life with a conversational element in conversational ads. A client who views a travel ad, for example, may book a trip in real-time from within the ad.

  • Increasing Cybersecurity

With news of big corporations like Facebook and Marriott disclosing data breaches in 2019, customer privacy and cybersecurity are vital priorities these days. By employing AI security algorithms to scour for possible risks, businesses can be proactive in avoiding cybercrime. These technologies can detect suspected unlawful behavior and stop attacks in the middle of them or prevent them altogether. This reduces the chances of firms finding data breaches and losing their customers’ confidence.

Large companies like Microsoft, Sqrrl, and Chronicle are utilizing machine learning to combat cybercrime. Because AI marketing is adept at scanning and analyzing vast volumes of data, it is boosting cybersecurity. Because they handle consumer data, all organizations are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Business leaders may now rest easy knowing that an AI-powered system is keeping an eye on their consumers.

  • Automation Of HR Tasks

AI technology is not only cost-effective but also time-effective for marketing and sales techniques. Artificial intelligence (AI) can help companies streamline their recruitment and hiring processes while reducing employee turnover. AI HR systems comb through resumes for particular criteria that best match a company’s desired traits and talents in a recruit. This improves candidate quality while also speeding up the recruiting process. It also serves as a feedback and inquiry resource for employees. New workers may provide input on HR procedures, and the systems can answer frequent queries about benefits and rules. Small businesses can also profit from this.


AI marketing has applications in all areas of a company’s operations, from marketing to recruiting and onboarding new employees. Contrary to popular belief, small businesses can afford AI-enabled software. There is little question that artificial intelligence (AI) is the future of business, and we will see more interconnections across all sectors and applications. Its cost and time effectiveness and its potential to assist businesses in creating a better customer experience will lead to increased revenue. Do you have an artificial intelligence business plan? ONPASSIVE  team can assist you with integrating artificial intelligence products and strategies into your company. Contact ONPASSIVE to know more about AI.