For any business to be successful, customer loyalty is very crucial. The loyalty of customers can be built by businesses over time by providing them with excellent products and an outstanding customer experience throughout the process of sales.

When any B2B or B2C businesses are introducing themselves on E-commerce, having a Live chat service takes the audience engagement and customer service to the next level. 

Many start-ups like ONPASSIVE are introducing great products in the market that aim to solve various problems faced by people with the latest technologies. At this point, having a live chat service on an E-commerce site helps to build customer loyalty, thereby gaining their trust, which results in a boost of your sales. 

What is a Live chat service on an E-commerce website?

Live chat service is a platform on the E-commerce website, allowing businesses to assist website visitors in real-time. Customers that are willing to shop from your website can text or talk with customer service executives or agents, who immediately answer or respond to the customer queries and provide suggestions on products that might be the best fit for their needs. 

Live chat comes with on-the-spot engagement with visitors and is therefore getting more popular day by day. 

Live chat platforms provide two types of responses to visitors. They are:

  •  Proactive Response-  this type of response is used to invite customers to chat using a pop-up window on situations where they are likely to abandon their shopping cart or complete a page sequence on the site.
  •  Reactive Response- this type of response is used to provide user assistance. Customers can click on the chat with us option on the site and request assistance on their queries. 

Why is Live Chat Essential for E-commerce Sites?

Customer support and customer service can either make or break an E-commerce business. Live chat aids to build customer loyalty and nurture customer relations and helps retain your customers and turn your potential customers into permanent ones.

Excellent customer service makes customers think of purchasing more from your brand. 

The following are few reasons stating why E-commerce businesses need a Live chat service:

  • Provide Convenience to customers 

Customers can quickly contact the support team of your company with the help of Live chat software. Without calling the customer service number and waiting until someone picks up, customers can easily connect to a support agent with a live chat tool, almost instantly enabling customers to receive immediate responses to their queries or questions. 

Customer questions can include anything from shipment queries or exchange of product queries. Businesses can consider setting up an FAQ section in the chatbot that automatically sends responses to those questions.

  • Gain Competitive Advantage 

Live chat helps businesses to differentiate themselves from competitors. With instant response to customer queries, businesses can handle multiple queries at once without holding any incoming requests. A live chat tool makes it easier for customers to contact the business support team allowing companies to resolve consumer issues as soon as possible. 

Therefore, with a live chat tool, there is no necessity for businesses to postpone or transfer any customer query or issue and serve potential customers in a much better way, thereby helping businesses gain a competitive advantage. 

  • Improve Online Experience of Customers 

Customers can conveniently contact the support team of the E-commerce website with a live chat tool. It is a very simple process as they need to visit the website and open the chat widget to start chatting with the support team to ask their queries. 

Implementing live chat support allows businesses to solve as many abandoned cart queries as possible because customers tend to lose their interest and are more likely to leave their purchase if customer queries are not received immediately. Therefore, live chat software comes in handy to improve the online experience of customers. 

  • Save Operational Costs of Business 

One of the great benefits of implementing live chat on an E-commerce business website is that it helps to save money. Addressing customer issues or queries over phone calls can be quite a time consuming and expensive process. However, live chat streamlines the entire process of customer support and reduces the operational cost of businesses by cutting down the need to have more customer support executives.

  • Get better customer Insights 

Apart from providing the best customer service with instant responses, live chat allows businesses to learn more about the customers and collect more customer data, which is very useful for building effective marketing strategies. 

Customer insights are beneficial for businesses to improve their products or services and make better decisions about promoting the brand or business in the right way to grow in the best possible way. Reviewing chat histories and transcripts gets businesses much valuable information on FAQ’s and detect common customer pain points. This data is instrumental in improving your services. 

  • Provide Customer Satisfaction 

The ultimate goal of creating live chat tools is to provide immediate responses to customers and improve the overall customer experience. Live chats are considered the best customer support channels because they help provide immediate resolutions to customer problems efficiently.

Therefore, having a live chat tool for an E-commerce website is one of the most effective ways to provide better customer service and improve customer satisfaction. 


An impeccable customer service can help businesses to turn a website visitor into a paying customer. A live chat tool or software, without a doubt, is the most trending method used by many businesses to build and nurture meaningful relations with their customers. 

Almost all the leading companies are making live chat an integral part of their E-commerce business for boosting their sales and acquire more customers. Customers are crucial for E-commerce business. Therefore, businesses should include live chat support on their E-commerce website to succeed in the highly competitive market.