COVID-19 moved consumer purchasing to digital platforms throughout the world. Interacting with businesses, viewing items, obtaining information, comparing pricing, and making transactions are all becoming more common on digital platforms. Furthermore, given the uncertainty surrounding the epidemic, they anticipated a lightning-fast and efficient response to their questions. Traditional customer service methods such as tedious IVRs, numerous agent transfers, and having to repeat their inquiries to receive the help they needed were no longer acceptable.

Customers today expect convenient services delivered via a multitude of channels. For example, users might look up a product’s features on Facebook, write an email to request additional information, make a purchase on a website, or call IVR for technical support.

As a result, developing an omnichannel customer strategy that incorporates all communication channels is becoming a top concern for businesses. Companies must not just be present on a specific channel; they must also react to the unique formatting of each consumer touchpoint and coordinate communication between channels to provide a tailored and holistic brand experience.

AI chatbots are a great method to provide quick, tailored omnichannel experiences. So, before we get into how businesses are using AI chatbots to revolutionise omnichannel, let’s define omnichannel.

What Is Omnichannel?

Omnichannel, often spelt omni-channel, is a multichannel sales strategy that aims to give consumers a consistent buying experience regardless of whether they’re purchasing online from a desktop or mobile device, over the phone, or in a physical store. An omnichannel strategy entails integrating distribution, promotion, and communication channels on the back end.

Benefits Of Omnichannel

In general, omnichannel customer service is a recommended practice since it allows your company to meet each client at their point of need and please them with a positive experience. Let’s look at that statement through the viewpoint of five important benefits:

Customer Experience Consistency

Customers have the same experience every time, which simplifies navigation, reduces annoyance, and increases clarity.

Deflection Of A Call

Customer self-service is enabled through omnichannel support, which decreases inbound call centre calls.

Support Expenses Are Lower

Having an omnichannel self-service strategy enables companies to cut down on contact centre hours, decreasing overall support costs. Allow for interesting, contemporary consumer interactions: People don’t enjoy waiting on hold or browsing through large text-based knowledge bases in 2020; omnichannel allows for a light, simple, and pleasant CX approach.

Outstanding Information

When consumers interact with you across several channels, you’re collecting a wealth of information about which channels they prefer, what sort of help they need, and what they found beneficial.

Why Use An Omnichannel Chatbot?

An omnichannel experience using a chatbot has a number of advantages, including:

User Customer Service

Customer service will choose self-service options such as forums and FAQs. There are also others who prefer to be reached via social media or even via phone. These various profiles necessitate a service that adjusts to their requirements and is always available to help them via their preferred channel. You may add a chatbot to each digital channel while still integrating it with your Customer Service phone line using a chatbot solution.

Faster Response

A quick reaction time is essential for a pleasant customer experience with your business. The influence of an omnichannel chatbot on immediate answers is significant. In a matter of seconds, it may give solutions to the user. Indeed, if your chatbot is driven by AI, it can respond in a human-like manner, making it simpler for your consumers to engage with you. As a result, it’s a wonderful feature for increasing sales: the sooner you give information, the more likely a consumer will buy.

Increasing Sales

Customers will be happier with your firm if the service fulfils their expectations, and satisfied customers will buy more. As per Harvard Business Review, a 5% increase in consumer retention may boost a company’s yearly revenues by up to 95%. Chatbots may boost online sales by 25% on their own, in addition to the conversation. An omnichannel experience’s adaptability may be a powerful ally in your company’s development.

Collecting Data

Predictive analysis is aided by storing your clients’ data in one location, enabling more focused and forceful strategic decisions. It’s also a wonderful way to learn more about your present consumers and future purchasers. Having this data on hand can aid you in developing highly effective marketing and sales strategies.


Consumer behaviour changes all the time. It’s critical to adapt and create new ways to communicate with them. Keep in mind that an omnichannel approach focuses on your customers’ current requirements, therefore you must be present at all times and across all channels.

You will foster great user experiences, surpass your customers’ expectations, and boost your brand’s reputation with omnichannel customer service, resulting in exceptional outcomes for your organization.

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