social proof marketing

Whether it is a clothing shop or a grocery store, every business needs a customer. And in this dynamic environment, the trendiest place to attract and let clients know about your brand is online. Contrary to an old-style of word-of-mouth approach, the modern way to develop the brand and engage with future customers is, to do online marketing.

Everyone nowadays has got addicted to the internet. From watching food recipes on YouTube to making funny reels on Instagram, social media has become a go-to method to be connected. Even for businesses, the internet is the best medium to promote their brand. Either it is Amazon, Flipkart, or another eCommerce website; all of these companies use the same strategy to expand their business: social proof. Let us understand the definition and how marketers use Social Proof?

What is Social Proof?

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon in which individuals look at the viewpoint of the other to understand which is the right decision in each situation. In his 1984 book ‘Influence’, Robert Cialdini came up with the term and it is often referred to as informational social influence.

For example, you wish to purchase a product on any eCommerce site, but you are unsure to buy which product. In this scenario, the best way for you is to either seek other’s opinion or check on the reviews before purchasing the product. This is because you do not want to end up purchasing the wrong product. Thus, you are influenced by other customers choices to make your purchase. This is called Social Proof. 

Role of Social Proof in Online Marketing

With the emergence of social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. the role of information and technology has changed rapidly. These apps help to connect people from around the world with one tap on the smartphone. In every sector, from farming to business, social media plays a crucial role.

When we talk about social proof, it is the most trusted tool for any business. Social evidence enables businesses to benefit from customer validation and consumer advocacy to impact prospective consumers. To simplify, marketers use social proof as a tool for optimizing conversion rates by resolving consumer concerns. 

One of the best examples of social proof is customer reviews. Nowadays everyone orders food online via Zomato or UberEats or any food ordering app. A person wishes to order from a new restaurant but hesitates as he has never ordered from that place and have doubts about the food taste. To clear his doubt, he can check out the restaurant reviews and then decide whether to order from that restaurant or not.

Thus, even if a restaurant serves the best food in the world, if no one knows about it, it will not be effective. Therefore, social proof is so critical for businesses and retailers, especially for those D2C brands which sell only online.

Types of Social Proof

There are various ways of using social proof in your marketing campaigns. Check out the list.

  1. Reviews
  2. Customer Testimonials
  3. Celebrity Endorsements
  4. Case Studies
  5. Social Media Examiners
  6. Trust Seals

Social Proof to Boost Your Online Marketing

Online marketing is a necessary component of any business. . It helps to drive more qualified traffic. In the same manner, social proof helps to boost online marketing by assuring the customers to trust the brand. People decide to buy any product based on reviews, popularity, and demand.If you are looking for a professional way for online marketing, O-Post by ONPASSIVE is one such business marketing software that simplifies your requirement. The tool majorly focuses on sending unlimited emails in a secured manner. With various features like customized email campaigns, 24*7 live support, responsive templates and many more, O-Post is an idle new generation software for all entrepreneurs and marketers.

Have you ever been browsing through Instagram and get suggestions to follow any page whose content you have liked previously? When it comes to marketing, this psychological effect is a valuable weapon that can help the brand gain more exposure.

Below are few ways on how to Benefits Social proof Marketing:

  • Response to Customers Queries immediately
  • Post About your milestone
  • Take the help of influencers to promote your brand.
  • opt for paid ads.
  • Hire media experts.
  • Share customer’s testimonials.
  • Get verified on social media apps.
  • Make any celebrity promote your brand.
  • Seek your family and friend’s help.
  • Get more subscribers or followers. 

To sum up, Social Proof is an action taken by consumers based on others reaction. This helps in brand credibility and encouraging consumers to trust them. Thus, when it comes to increasing your social proof, try out the above-mentioned multiple tactics and we are confident you will see results in no time. So, are you ready to use the social proof phenomenon to elevate your business?