E-Learning is a very efficient way to deliver various courses online. Also referred to as electronic learning and online learning, E-learning is very flexible in nature. Students can access courses and learning materials from anywhere and anytime according to their convenience through the E-learning process. One of the advantages of E-learning is that it is cost-efficient and the resources are available anytime and anywhere as the E-learning industry is a web-based learning format. 

Videos in E-learning 

According to a few studies, it was estimated that almost eighty percent of internet traffic consists of videos. People absorb the information from the internet through various stimuli such as written text, audio and videos. Some people prefer a combination of these stimuli, while others only prefer using only one according to their preferences. Videos are the best means to engage viewers, and they encompass all the learning styles as a single online tool. Videos are considered the most engaging E-learning tools available on the internet.

Videos can be used in E-learning because of the following reasons.

  • Videos are tools that capture attention. 
  • Videos contain information that is easy to consume.
  • Videos reach learners immediately.
  • Videos are easy to share or collaborate.
  • Videos are ideal for the style of “HOW TO” training.
  • Videos are handy to teach the learners and show them every step practically.

Video Transcriptions 

Video transcription is a translation of the audio contained in any video into a text format. Video transcription can be done by a human transcriptionist or by using automatic speech recognition technology or both. YouTube and several online platforms also offer a free captioning tool that provides a rough transcript of the video. 

Few Tips to transcribe videos faster are as follows:

  • Boost audio quality.
  • Make use of templates that are available to add timestamps, comments and annotations. Have a clear understanding of how to use these templates.
  • Consider setting up macros and text expanders. 
  • Have a transcriptionist who knows industry-specific terminology for outsourcing and proofreading. 
  • Use tools and accessories that make the whole process of transcription faster. Some of the tools used for this process are transcription software, word expander software, transcription foot pedal, Noise-cancelling headphones and voice recognition software. 

By using these tools and tips, the speed of the video transcription process can be improved drastically. 

Importance of Video Transcriptions for the E-learning Industry

With the outbreak of Covid-19, most people spent the past year working remotely through video conferences, webinars, online classes and other e-courses. Most of the time is being spent online and hours of recording, reviewing the content essential from the entire video has become a challenging task, especially in e-courses. The video transcription service comes in handy to transcribe video to text, especially in the E-learning industry. This makes the entire process of transcription and reviewing the needed information from the entire video. 

Reasons why video transcriptions are essential for the E-learning industry are as follows:

  • Video Transcription is a simple and easy process.

Earlier transcribing videos was a painful and slow process. Several automated options such as video transcription software, services from professional agencies, freelancers and more are available for video transcriptions now. With many services and options available transcribing videos to text is just minutes away and a lot more easier process now.

  • Every lesson and meeting can include video Transcriptions.

Transcription is an essential tool to access any required information from a business conference or a meeting or an online class. Transcriptions can help record key points from any lessons or meetings and are also useful for search engine optimization(SEO). Transcripts can help to quickly locate required information or critical topics from the entire conference. 

  • Transcription is a cost-efficient process 

Some of the transcriptions tools that are available are free of cost, while others vary accordingly. The quality of the auto transcription tools also varies depending on the price. Before choosing a transcription tool or software always do proper research among the various options available and choose the best one that suits your requirements. 

  • Hybrid Video Transcriptions are the best blend of cost and accuracy.

Professional agencies practice a two-step process for video transcriptions. The first step includes using an AI-driven speech to text software, and the second step includes polishing and proofing by a professional and trained transcriptionist who will be able to distinguish homonyms and homophones. A blend of human and machine approach gets you the best possible results. 

Video transcriptions can be highly beneficial and useful for online learning by improving comprehension. A person can remember things better when they read and hear the text at the same time. 

To Conclude 

Transcripts can be easily scanned or searched by keywords and phrases or by essential topics. Video transcriptions help your video content be searchable, and search engines help drive traffic for your content with the help of keywords from transcriptions. With Video transcriptions in the E-learning industry, students can have enhanced learning experience. With the help of interactive transcripts, any information can be quickly reviewed.