Any business needs to establish good contact with the customers to flourish. So, let us see the role of Customer Relationship Management Software to achieve it.

Customer Relationship Management Software

Customers seek any business services in various ways. Google search page is one common way to know information on the web. All through the journey from leads to sales, managing and engaging the users should be influential.

Some of the significant features of the tool include :

⦁ Implements various marketing campaigns, automates them and assess their outcome.
⦁ Identifies sales opportunities and provides sales automation.
⦁ Helps to understand customer requirements and customer’s journey
⦁ Provides complete dashboard for easy assessment
⦁ A strategic database management system saves valuable time
⦁ Every customer interaction can be easily tracked
⦁ Generates sales reports and dashboards

How to build a CRM plan or strategy?

Customer Relationship Management Software needs to be planned appropriately to accomplish successful results. Studying the user demographics gives a clear idea about how to define an effective strategy. Some of them include age, education, location, interests, disinterests and income.

CRM security

As CRM act to build a long-lasting relationship with the customers, security holds the key. Significantly, the customer information and their transactions have to be secured without any malicious attack.

So, how to implement security standards for CRM?

Create Hierarchy: Any organization comprises of various roles and responsibilities for which various departments are defined. In each department, teams are built for effective functioning. Primarily such categorization enables authorized access. Based on the role moving from the top hierarchy to the down level, access should be limited. This way, security is ensured to a significant extent.

Set stronger passwords: The CRM systems must be defined with stronger passwords that are less likely to be guessed and hacked. Also, the passwords need to change periodically.

Server protection: Serves have to be placed at a secured place, and the entry has to be restricted except to the concerning authorities. Moreover, the remote access of the servers should also be disabled to safeguard important data from threat.

Use firewalls: Firewalls protects your system from external threat acting as a shield. So, firewalls need to be enabled on the computers present on the network.

Controlled access: Significant data is uploaded into the CRM system. So, security essentials have to be incorporated while downloading them. Permission for downloading has to be granted to only suitable people.

Choose the latest version: Always keep updated with the latest version of CRM software as they come up with more secured features.

Who uses CRM :

The sales team, marketing team, customer support and management use the tool for various reasons. The best tool incorporates the varied features and enables seamless Customer Relationship Management.


Customer Relationship Management Software comes most effectively with ONPASSIVE CRM as O-Desk ( erstwhile O-Lead ).

The tool helps studies the latest marketing trends, knows the right intent of the customer with AI, and includes only the right people for your businesses.

Many registrations turn up. Of them, not all prove worthy as they might not include the genuine information. Some of them might be incomplete, while others could be duplicates. CRM system identifies such loopholes and filters them to produce only the complete, interested and genuine profiles.


The role of customers for any business is significant. At the same time, dealing with appropriate, suitable and interested customers can only make any business long living. So, choosing the right tool also holds prominence.

That is what ONPASSIVE’s O-Desk can help your business with. Quality leads are effectively built, and security is best gained with O-Desk. Incorporating in the workflow can derive the best results for any business.