Team collaboration is presently the most effective weapon to collaborate with individuals to achieve a common goal. Without a true collaboration filled with smart and meaningful conversations, even the simplest thing can get complicated. A virtual collaborative project feels like proper utilization of the precious work timing to get products to earn more revenue. During the COVID-19 pandemic, team collaboration gets more complicated.

 In-person collaboration or organic collaboration is almost next to impossible while working remotely. Of course, talking to a person and collaborating with him or she is far more comfortable than collaborating with them over the telephone or virtual video meetings. For effective virtual collaboration, your team and you should be crystal clear and strategic about bringing in the discussion and improving the overall collaboration experience.

Here are four practical ways to ace the virtual collaboration with your team members

Conduct Regular Stand up Meeting

Meetings can get terrified while working remotely. There a few psychological aspects that are associated with it. Knowing the person and talking to him or her in person always gives more confidence. On the contrary, when you try to initiate communication with someone when a person is talking to others over the phone. At that time, we become more conscious and get shy if our pronunciation or motive goes wrong.

Be More Open With your Colleagues

The human tendency is to open up in front of others when creating a good bonding in between. If you are leading a team or managing a team, this tip is a must for you. Opening up in front of your teammates is very important, especially in the era of virtual collaboration. So, you can try to bring less important and soft topics to discuss with your team members.

Assure Your Team Members to Help

Being helpful whenever required for your teammates is the key to making your virtual collaboration more effective and productive. So, communicate with them as much as you can. Always it is not possible to call and talk over them. Even a small message in social media can get your job done by assuring your colleagues.

Take the Credit of Great Output Altogether

By chance, if your team has done a great job or anyone from your team has been selected as the best employee of the month- make optimum usage of the situation by giving credit to every one of the team. Always remember, united we stand and divided we fall. It is a team game, so one person should not alone take the entire credit.