Incorporate New Ideas Into Your Next Crowdfunding Campaign With These Trends

While the crowdfunding industry is evolving, fundraisers are considering new trends to make their crowdfunding campaigns more impactful. You, as a fundraiser, should incorporate innovative ideas into your crowdfunding campaign to maximize its potentiality. 

Here are five crowdfunding trends that help you achieve lucrative fundraising results and make your crowdfunding campaigns successful:

1. Versatile Crowdfunding Platforms

Conventionally, most crowdfunding platforms possess the same basic functionality with little or no variation in their tools and features.

Nevertheless, as crowdfunding is multiplying, many modern and diverse platforms are coming forth. They fulfil the specific needs of different kinds of campaigns. Today, fundraisers can select the platform that’s more beneficial for their campaign amongst several options available.

Depending upon the requirement, more and more niche platforms are emerging. Thus, it becomes necessary for fundraisers to select the right platform for housing the unique needs of their crowdfunding campaign.

Before selecting a crowdfunding platform, a fundraiser should be mindful of few things. Such as, it should be clear that what you are fundraising for is a project, cause, or product.

Then decide if you want a deadline for fundraising or you are okay with the open-ended campaign.

After getting clarity on your needs, you can narrow down your search and decide on an appropriate crowdfunding website.

2. Crowdfunding Campaigns For Nonprofits

Running crowdfunding campaigns is not a solo sport anymore. Today, many organizations, businesses, schools, teams and other groups are making their way for crowdfunding work; thereby, raising enormous amounts in the process.

Nonprofit organizations have found new avenues to opt for crowdfunding in the form of fundraising campaigns.

Any nonprofit crowdfunding begins with a specific project to raise money for. Once the cause is underlined, the organizations need to set up a crowdfunding page. The page might include peer-to-peer fundraising tools for enabling their supporters to build their campaign pages as well.

Today with multiple nonprofit crowdfunding platforms, it has become easier for charitable organizations to achieve their fundraising targets through crowdfunding.

Nonprofit crowdfunding help charitable organizations expand their social reach, pace up their fundraising process and attract new donors in a low-risk way.

3. Customized Fundraising Process

With the emergence of new crowdfunding platforms, the crowdfunding experience is becoming more and more customized.

Each platform’s customization process is unique. While some fundraisers are flexible with their campaigns, some others expect that they should have complete control over the appearance and feel of their campaign.

The needs of your campaign vary from your fundraising goals to your target audience. However, with the availability of customized campaigning options, you can make your campaigns more unique and compelling.

4. Addition Of Events To Crowdfunding Campaigns

Fundraising events allow you to interact face-to-face with your supporters. Such type of personal interaction sets the ground for developing a long-term relationship with the donors.

However, while setting up an event, consider choosing the perfect theme. Be it humorous or glamourous, make sure that the event reflects the cause you are working for.

Also, consider incorporating various fundraising activities like a silent auction or raffle to engage your guests throughout the event.

The crowdfunding campaign paired with a fundraising event maximize the potentiality of your donation opportunities.

5. Visually Engaging Campaigns

Most of the successful crowdfunding campaigns are the ones that contain highly visual elements.

You can convert a boring crowdfunding funding page into a more engaging and visually appealing campaign page. Consider adding photos, graphics, videos, and a precise story to your campaign page. Thereby, grab your supporter’s attention.


The trends described in the article are going to evolve or change with time. First, however, build more lucrative crowdfunding strategies that create impact through your crowdfunding campaigns.

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