As many retail businesses are digitizing, retail email marketing has gained relevance more than ever today. Emails have the highest ROI among all forms of marketing. Moreover, retail emails are simple and effective. Several email marketing platforms even provide templates for various email types. Thus, retail businesses must invest in developing an email marketing strategy. 

With an effective retail email marketing strategy, retail businesses can convert one-time buyers into loyal customers. Thereby, they can boost E-commerce sales and grow their business. 

We are going to look at some of the best retail email examples in this piece. These examples will guide businesses to market and grow their business using email. 

  1. The welcome email 

The welcome email mainly includes a thank-you message, an intro to your business, instructions to save your mails from ending up in the spam folder, what the recipient can expect in the future, your contact details and social links. 

It should be concise, of around 50-100 words. It should also ensure brand consistency. Besides that, it should include a lot of white space and graphics.  

Example: Warby Parker 

This eyeglasses company uses lots of white space, large text and professional photographs in its welcome email to communicate the message effectively.

The welcome email has an engaging call to action, which incites the viewer to find the perfect pair of glasses from the available options. The email body has a modern-looking graphic with consistent and straightforward language. 

  1. The transactional email

Such type of emails primarily includes account creations, signup confirmations and order confirmations. These emails with gentle CTAs can create excitement for your products among new customers. They often provide customers with information about their orders and help them track their order progress. 

Since transactional emails contain helpful information, they usually have a higher open rate. Thus, businesses can build a relationship with their customers with a well-crafted transactional email.  

Example: Headspace 

Headspace’s confirmation email is an ideal example of a transactional email. The email body is short and sweet. The use of lettering and graphics goes well with this meditation app’s branding. The purpose of the email is mentioned with an easy CTA. The email body has lots of white space, making it appealing. The social links and contact details provided at the bottom.

  1. The lead nurturing email 

These emails are crucial in nurturing the bond with customers who are already engaged with your brand. You need to make sure to hold customer’s attention by offering loyalty incentives. 

For example: if a customer signed up for your email list, you could offer them a coupon. Also, you can thank them and offer special discounts for shopping with your business often.  

Example: Judy 

Judy, a brand that sells emergency preparedness kits, has an excellent lead nurturing email. 
It congratulates customers for visiting the website and checking for the item. It offers a clear CTA at the bottom to direct customers back to the company’s store. The email, very effectively, nudges the customer back to the emergency kit they checked earlier.

  1. The e-receipt 

Electronic email receipts are environment-friendly options to offer proof of purchase. Not just online stores but many physical stores also provide digital receipts to their customers. The e-receipt or digital receipts can make customers feel valued for shopping with you. 

Example: Allbirds

Allbirds is an environmentally conscious shoe brand. To highlight its commitment to the environment, the brand in its billing email includes a message with a witty note that describes how the sheep used by the company for its wool products are having a great life. 

The e-receipts of the company is aesthetically pleasing with suitable graphics and creative writing.

  1. The check-in email 

It’s a type of transactional email let enables you to get feedback directly from your customers. Its generally sent a couple of weeks after customer receives their order. 

By sending check-in emails, you can convey to customers that their opinion is valuable to you. 
You might receive both positive and negative feedback. While you can use positive feedback as testimonials on your website, use valid criticism to make necessary improvements. 

Example: Netflix

Netflix’s check-in emails are among the compelling ecommerce email examples. They are straightforward and effective. 

Good graphics and aesthetically rich colour scheme make Netflix’s check-in email more appealing. They ask viewers to either give a thumbs up or down as part of the feedback. It includes a question like “How is it so far” to involve engagement.

Way Forward 

In the realm of online retail space today, you can’t turn a blind eye to email marketing. Around 60% of customers agreed that they had purchased items because of a marketing email. Use the techniques described in the blog to boost your marketing efforts. 

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