Blog Traffic

Blogging is a sure-shot way to increase your visibility in the world wide web amongst millions of pages. In business, business owners rely on consumers to keep buying and their products and services. Blogging in business helps the business owners to get specific customers and target their attention towards the products and services.

Why Blog?

In simple terms, a website remains invisible without a blog. Having a blog makes business searchable and competitive. Hence, a blog’s primary purpose is to connect the business owner to the most relevant audience along with boosting the business owner’s traffic and sending quality leads to their website.

Blogging is indeed valuable that marketers or businesses prioritizing blogging are more likely to see a positive return on investment 13 times over. Its now time to drive people or consumers towards your blogs.

We’ll give you some tips and blog strategies here, not only to increase your blog traffic but also ways to get reliable and qualified search traffic.

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1. Kindle selects a 90-day traffic plan:

Let us begin with the first traffic strategy.  About 31% of e-book sales in the Amazon Kindle store comes from self-published books. When people publish their Kindle book, they can enroll their book in the ‘Kindle Direct Publishing Select program’. By doing that the book is exclusive in the Kindle Store for 90 days and it also is included in Kindle Owners’s Lending Library, where targeted readers in thousands, could borrow the book and read while also running a free promotion for a paid e-book for 5 of the 90 days.

Kindle books can be used to drive traffic to the blog or landing page either by linking your website directly inside the book or by using a free giveaway. The strategy can rake up 200 extra visitors to your site within a month and with the right call-to-action (Free giveaway, download a sample, look inside), you can even fetch 300-3,700 visitors a month. And if the book is free, expect 1000+ visitors to your blog in 7 days or 6,500 visitors a month.

TIP: Rank your e-book higher and attract the attention of your audience in search traffic through free downloads.

2. Create viral content:

Creating viral content is not a child’s play. Bloggers need to pay special attention to the sites that successfully create viral posts. Three secrets constitute a viral content creation to increase blog traffic and they are

  • Write great headlines
  • Get the length right: Try keeping your posts over 3,000 words, which means more SEO opportunities and higher conversion rates.
  • Have a killer idea: This can make a post go viral like wildfire.

We have covered much ground on this topic of creating viral content in our previous blogs. Refer to the blogs here.

3. Create evergreen list posts:

Another proven blogging strategy for increased blog search traffic is to have evergreen list posts. The content that has continued and sustained success is evergreen posts. These posts have the potential to generate traffic years after it was originally published. Evergreen posts succeed as they are useful, make a specific promise and address those specific promises as well.

With the list posts, readers are motivated to read as they feature numbers in titles. The higher the number in the title, the better. Also, remember that title with odd numbers finds favor with the readers. For Eg. 35 blogging tips as opposed to 17 blogging tips. Be as creative as possible with your headlines, as the blog reader clicks it only if it is inviting. Through this strategy, you ould use Google to eliminate search traffic competition.

4. Long-tail keyword rules:  

It is common knowledge that Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) are built using browsing history. It means, searcher location, preferences, and intent matters more than the keyword rankings.

This is where long-tail keywords come to play.   a) It can reveal searcher intent, b) Long-tail keywords can be structured in your content so to solve the searcher’s problem., and C) they can help meet a specific need.

5. Email Traffic generation:

Across the globe, there are over 3.7 billion email accounts and 269 billion emails are sent every day. Quite a statistic right! There’s more. If you spend $1 on email marketing, you are bound to make $32 in return. Now, you realize the power of email traffic and revenue.

Some tips here: build a specialized list and cultivate your subscribers so that they are open and act on your emails. By building a specialized or elite email list you can subscribe to many benefits such as :

  • Collect only targeted leads
  • Open rates will be considerably higher while sending newsletters
  • Better click-through rate
  • Spike in word-of-mouth referrals
  • Profitable business with elite subscribers
  • The best source of qualified leads for relevant offers.

TIP: With email marketing, the quality of leads that you get is better than the quantity.

In conclusion, these blog strategies that s we have mentioned above cannot provide you with overnight results. But be patient and be consistent and follow these steps to get there in the long run. Maintain quality in your content marketing.

Once all the steps are followed, you will eventually have access to fresh visitors to your blog, build your email subscribers, boost the conversion rate and build a sustainable business.

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