3 Incredible Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing trends have changed drastically in the last few years, as people’s searches have changed. Implementing the perfect digital marketing strategy for your business requires you to be aware of crucial digital marketing 2020 trends. You must be mindful of the trends that are most suitable for you and your business.

As newer trends, techniques, and tools have emerged, businesses can cater to their consumer needs, both online and offline. These are the three trends that are most likely to gain the maximum traction in this year! 

#1 Higher Rise of Voice Searches and Digital Assistants

Many industry leaders and CEOs have advocated the utilization of voice search as the future of all search queries. Regardless of the device being used, voice searches and Artificial intelligence-based digital assistants have seen a massive spike in their overall demand and usage. Voice searchers have easily fulfilled the needs and sense of urgency of the customers.

Today, online shoppers have grown more impatient than ever since they have become accustomed to the immediate solutions and services provided by smartphones and internet service providers. It has significantly changed the entire expectations from brands as they need to cater to an audience, which demands seamless and quick experiences across numerous digital platforms.

You can utilize targeting voice queries capable of optimizing your entire website for featured snippets and zero-click searches. A vast majority of digital assistants are capable of reading only the top entry of every single results page. Pieces on a search results page usually occupy a zero position.

Voice searches are incredible and have excellent characteristics compared to type out queries. We can use specific attributes to plan out our entire voice search optimization strategy for our clients. Here is the list of attributes to keep in mind while working on your voice search optimization strategy:

In this case, a popular string of words is used instead of question-based searches.

● It is necessary to create content that directly answers your queries. You might have noticed the “People also ask” box on search engine results pages that give you a more in-depth insight into the questions asked by other people.

● You can gain a clear idea of the main content that you provide on your website by delivering excellent value to the reader.

● Always keep your tone as conversational as possible since Google’s latest algorithm update- BERT will give you a better understanding of the context of your searches, instead of merely nit-picking.

● Google is also capable of processing natural language; it can also be leveraged by prioritizing readability and simplifying your complete copy.

#2 Video Is the Ultimate King of Online Content

Videos have officially taken over the throne as the ultimate king of content, as live streaming has become more popular than ever! Hubspot has revealed that more than half of the users crave video content, particularly from businesses that they support. Due to the massive number of brands that have led to increased influencers and vloggers.

Video content usually tends to create more personal connections with viewers than compared to long, boring articles. It is a huge advantage for marketers who are trying to build better relationships with their audiences. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have all seen a massive surge in popularity, particularly with their live streaming features. 

Videos are more beneficial than ever for conferences, launches, and any other events that you may have, and you can also hold a live Q&A to interact with your audience in real-time. Video content is an effective way of attracting engagement to potential customers towards your business.

Apart from being utilized in social media, videos can also be converted into engaging ads for your PPC campaign. Video ads also usually appear on YouTube, the Display Network, or even on partner sites. You can easily reach out to people unlike ever before with the help of in-stream ads that are most commonly utilized in YouTube and search.

#3 Social Media is the Future of Your Business Online Presence

Social media has blown up and has expanded the entire functions of the industry. It effectively allows users to shop, form groups, play games, and even watch real-time events. Now, it is the best time to work on maximizing your entire social media strategy! Social media is a boon, particularly for businesses to reach out to their target audience and effectively help companies, organizations, and corporations to reach out to their core audience. 

You can utilize social media as the ultimate platform for socially listening with your target audience. It is incredible as a platform for active social listening through the help of online communities. Measurement tools are great and helpful, especially for niche groups, to provide an accurate insight into ideal customer’s current concerns, needs, and wants.

Final Thoughts:

We can implement these three beneficial digital marketing trends of this year, and you can utilize these unique tactics to give your business an advantage over its competitors. It is essential to join the groups that are most related to your business, participate in enthralling discussions, and engage effectively with customers interested in your products or services.